#ViralVideo: “The Water Aerobics Guy Thinks He’s Actually Beyoncé!”

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This amazing footage captures one instructor COMING THROUGH for his water aerobics class in Majorca, Spain. It was caught on by Rebecca Jane Wells, who posted it to her Facebook page, writing; "Sorry ... See the Rest

#RumorHasIt: Will Miley’s VMA Finalé Feature Some of Your Fave Drag Race Queens?


Full Disclosure: Yes, I do write for The Wow Report, but I really have no inside knowledge about what RuPaul's Drag Race queens do. Swear. But if you pay attention to the internet buzz and rumors, SOMETHING is up with Miley Cyrus and the VMAs. Miley is of course ... See the Rest

#10YearsAfter: Brad Pitt Has Built Over 100 Well-Designed, Environmentally-Friendly Homes In NOLA


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#ModelLife: Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber’s Family Island Getaway Is Perfect. (Of Course It Is)


Vogue's September Issue is always a whopper. This year is no exception. One story is SO SO ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn: The 1948 “Pilot House” Is Mid-Century Perfection


Before architects A.Quincy Jones and Whitney Smith went to work on Brentwood's renowned Modern architecture community Crestwood ... See the Rest

#RIP: Neurologist & Author, Oliver Sacks


Oliver Sacks, the revered neurologist and writer, died of cancer in New York City today. He was 82. In an essay in The New York Times an essay by Sacks in February revealing that an earlier melanoma in his eye had spread to his liver. ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, Joan Blondell


August 30, 1906- Joan Blondell was one of the most versatile & enduring stars of The Golden Age Of Hollywood. She never reached the very top of the firmament like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford or ... See the Rest

August 30: It’s YOUR Birthday, Bitch!

Cameron Diaz - World of Wonder

Andy Roddick Cameron Diaz David Paymer Elizabeth AshleySee the Rest

RuPaul’s DragCon 2016: Sign Up So You’ll Be the First To Know ALL the T!

RuPaul's DragCon

The SECOND annual RuPaul's DragCon will be here before you know it! Want to know how you can be the first to know when tickets go on sale, which of your favorite #Queens and #WOWlebrities will be there, and which vendors ... See the Rest

#JimmyKimmel: Donald Trump’s Latest Campaign Ad Isn’t Just Good – IT’S THE BEST!

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The strangest thing about Donald Trump being on top of the polls for a full month now is that apart from his plan to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, we know absolutely nothing about what he would do as ... See the Rest

#Scandal: Virtually NONE of the Women on Ashley Madison.com Ever Used the Site!


Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman stepped down this week in the wake of the hacked leak that exposed information on everyone from Josh Duggar, to family evangelist Sam Rader and on and ... See the Rest

#DragCityUSA: Is PTown THE Best City in America for Drag? These 5 Queens Think So.


Agree or not, according to Paper thinks you should know these five queens. (It's not insignificant that three of the five are Drag Race ... See the Rest

Bro’Laska: Alaska & Cory…Talk Sports?


On this episode of Bro’LaskaAlaska and her bro Cory Binney discuss...sports? Cory LOVES playing and watching sports, but Alaska? Umm, not so ... Watch Now