Willam Belli Talks to EW About Last Night’s Disqualification

It was the shocker to end all shockers, the elimination that no one saw coming. After winning the frenemy challenge with Latrice, it was revealed that Willam was disqualified from the show. “It has come to my attention that you have broken the rules,” RuPaul told Willam, enigmatically. “Your actions have consequences, and I’m afraid I have no choice.” Did it have something to do with the way she puked all over the stage moments after winning? Was it drugs? Alcohol? Bulimia? Tanner Stranski from Entertainment Weekly tries to get to the bottom of it.

“ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, everyone will be dying to know: What happened with the disqualification?
Oh, f—, I didn’t win?

You’re pulling the funny here, but what really happened?
What do you think I did?

I don’t know — you were barfing there on the runway. Are you bulimic and that’s against the rules?
Here’s the thing: I had an abortion. The anesthesia just made me sick. I will say this: I wasn’t caught doing anything. Everything that I did, I admitted and I brought to everyone’s attention.

Why do you have to be cryptic about what happened on last night’s episode?
Oh, no, no — not at all. We don’t have to be cryptic. It’s my choice. I want people to keep tuning in. Maybe watch me at the reunion.

So, we’ll find out what happens at the reunion?
Yeah, or maybe everyone should write into the network and say, “We want Willam — give him his own show!” Or, some bulls— like that, “Put him on Drag U!” That kind of crap.

Was this all a plan to garner publicity?
I don’t know! It seemed like my schedule was quite jam-packed, like I was in New York doing an off-Broadway show the next week. I have no idea. Like, I’m going to leave all these answers up to wiser men than I at the network. I do like the fact that they didn’t make it seem like I got caught doing something, like my hand was in the cookie jar. Everything that I did on that show was pretty much in character, except for when I cried.

What happened there?
I was so p—ed that they got that. The crying thing, it was weird because it actually happened when I came back out on stage — it wasn’t after they said I was safe. You can’t make everything flow the way it should for a 42 minute show without some editing. So I totally understand, and I applaud them for that, and it’s helped to mold me as great reality TV fodder. But I’m 100 percent fine with the editing, and I do like that they didn’t make it look like I did something bad. They didn’t say that I fessed up to anything, but they said that there were rules broken.

Was what you did bad?
If I was good at what I was doing — which they considered “bad” — is it still considered “bad”? I’m trying not to be an a–hole here, but it’s not working out very well.

Read the entire interview here.


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