Gay-Mazing!: Will & Grace Reunion In The Works

It’s been talked about for years but now it seems that all four key cast members from Will & Grace really ARE ready to reunite with original producers and director James L. Burrows to film a reunion special for NBC. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes are all “on board” to reunite the cast on the same sound stage where the hit show (along with Seinfeld, Mary Tyler Moore & Roseanne) was filmed. Shelley Morrison’s Rosie better be on board too, but Megan ought be a littler gentler on the set, as Shelly’s pushing 80 now! Here are some classic Karen gif moments in anticipation.

NOTE: It has been reported, after this post yesterday, that there is NO reunion happening. Another blog said that a call was made to an unnamed source at NBC and they said that “there were no talks now”. First of all, I can’t name my source here, as they leaked this info and secondly, do you REALLY think if NBC wasn’t ready to announce, they would tell a blogger such big news? I don’t think so. I say it’s happening, but of course, the deal might not be inked and could still fall apart. Who knows? Let’s hope not. anigif_enhanced-buzz-30020-1378906092-7









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