Twitter Is Getting Serious

twitter Tweets threats lunatic FBI Ellen Page Alexander Skarsgard Twitter is amazing and fun, especially for those of us who want actual contact with fans, but the threats have gone on far too long. It really is time they started taking them seriously and, alas, they have. It started last week in the UK when someone threatened Tom Daley and sent homophobic tweets to his account and they have arrested someone. The same nonsense is going on here with Ellen Page. Apparently a crazed Alexander Skarsgard fan is not happy they are dating and has threatened to kill her. In public.The tweet has been turned over to the FBI. This shit couldn’t be tolerated for much longer; you know there had to be rules eventually, right? Like it or not, that is the next step. Actual twitter jail, not just for tweeting too much so they stop you for an hour. (Photo: Pacific Coast News)


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