The Takeaway from ABC’s Red Widow

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Have we talked about Red Widow yet? The new ABC series about a mobster’s daughter who has to… infiltrate the mob… or something… to save her family? Well, it’s a whole lot of hooey, and I liked it better when it was called LUCKY BY JACKIE COLLINS, but there was one supporting character, an older gentleman, who was an enforcer for her father’s gang, and he struck me as a right handsome old geezer. EXCEPT. When I went to IMDb I DISCOVERED HE WAS YOUNGER THAN ME, which, mark my words, is something that happens as you get older, and it’s always DEVASTATING. Anyway, his name struck me as familiar: Luke Goss… Luke Gosss..  Where do I remember that name from? Well, it took me FORVER to realize that, omg, he was ONE OF THE TWINS FROM THE ’80s BOYBAND BROS! (Pronounced: Bross). I had posters of them ALL OVER MY ROOM as a child teenager queen in my twenties. “When Will I, Will I Be Famous?” – I sang that NIGHT AND DAY! Drove everyone BANANAS with it! Those Goss boys were the dreamiest! Just look at them! Well, I guess you had to be there. In the ’80s, I mean. That’s Luke on the right. Always the handsomer of the two. Anyway. Luke is back, he’s still INCREDIBLY swoonworthy, and might just be the best reason to watch the show.


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