The Iris Apfel Interview

Iris Apfel fashion icon fashion beauty advice Into the Gloss sat down with the inimitable nonagenarian to discuss getting older, personal style, and her new line of MAC cosmetics. Among her interesting beauty secrets: She used to use mustache wax on her eyelashes. “One day, I fell into the hands of my friend’s sister who was a very glamorous fashion model. She took me by the hand and in the other hand she had a tube of black mustache wax. She took a spoon and struck a match, and the wax melted, then she took a brush on the eyes and they beaded — I looked like Miss Piggy. On my eyelashes — very heavy — it was like heavy, heavy, heavy mascara. I had very long lashes, so it was very striking. This was when I was about eighteen, which, let me see — I’m ninety now, so, how long was that? About seventy-two years ago — I don’t know if they even make it anymore. That’s what I used to use, and I used to use eye shadow and very bright lipstick. I’m not good at putting on makeup, but you have to be a moron not to be able to put on lipstick. Now since I’m older, I don’t do my eyes anymore because when you’re older, your eyelids wrinkle. If you use blue or green, and you’re not really expert, you end up looking like a turtle.” The whole interview is just fabulous, of course. I could listen to her prattle on about ANYTHING. And of course I just keep coming back to this DIVINE picture of her, with the great clattering of bracelets and piles of necklaces that she’s wearing, and that marvelous orange lipstick. Also: THE MONKEY IN THE FROCK COAT HOLDING THE CANDLESTICKS IN THE BACKGROUND. It’s TOO WONDERFUL. I’m SWOONING.


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