The boy in the Michael Jackson molestation case today

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Jordie Chandler, the little boy who made the 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson and started him on his long professional decline, is pictured here in 2007 looking absolutely luscious. I remember in the late ’90s, after the book that Jordie worked on with Victor M. Gutierrez, Michael Jackson Was My Lover, came out, Jordie had told Victor that he wanted a job and there was some talk of him coming to intern here at World of Wonder. Of course he never showed and it was all quickly forgotten. But Lord have mercy, can you imagine if this burning hunk of man meat had actually ended up working here? Holy Moly!  (PS: I re-read the book over the weekend, and I must say there is a lot of merit to his story. It certainly provides more than few talking points in the Michael Jackson debate, and is worth reading if only to counterbalance the over-the-top mythologizing that’s happening right now.)  (t/y Brett)


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