The Evolution of Zombies, 1932-2015

In the tradition of those annoying "100 Years of Men's Underwear Styles" and "100 Years of Canadian hairdos" – may I present to you with an evolution video that actually kicks ass? "100 Years of Zombie Evolution," in which a really amazing makeup team transforms one man into half ... See the Rest

Zombie Jesus Nativity Scene Infuriates Ohio Townspeople

For the second year in a row Jasen Dixon and his family have set up a ghoulishly festive zombie Nativity scene in their front yard, made in part with pieces from a ... See the Rest

Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Bitten By Crazed Fan at Zombie Convention

A rabid Walking Dead fan bit star Norman Reedus on his chest at a zombie convention this past weekend. A rep for New Jersey's Walker Stalker Con says event security was standing a couple feet from Reedus when a female fan opened her mouth and tried to take a ... See the Rest


Pancake artist Nathan Shields (maker of the fabulous pancake flute) is back with a quickie tutorial on how to make spooky zombie pancakes for Halloween morning. Or anytime, really. Just don't forget your zombie jam! ... Watch Now

Transformations: Katya Turns Me into a Dead Soviet Army Hooker Nurse?

We never really had a chance to figure out WHAT exactly the look was, suffice to say it was something something zombie something something Russian something something drag queen. You fill in the rest of the backstory. Mostly this transformation was an excuse to get inside the ... See the Rest

How To Make Terrifying and Delicious Zombie Mouth Cupcakes

Instructables has an easy-peazy realistic zombie mouth cupcake for Halloween, using fondant and food ... See the Rest

How to Make a Disgustingly Fabulous Red Velvet Brain Cake for Your Zombie Friends

Inspired by last night's big Walking Dead season premiere, YouTube chef Yolanda ... See the Rest

Creepy Music Video OTD: “Witch Doctor” by De Staat

Fabulous music video by Dutch rock band De Staat, featuring spookily charismatic lead singer, Torre Florim, standing in the center of a throng of shirtless men, who seem obey his thoughts like a mindless horde of zombies. Creepy and completely mesmerizing. Must see, even if the ... See the Rest