The First Pics from Nick Carter’s Zombie/Western/Boyband Flick “Dead 7″

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Yes, you read that right. My former husband NICK CARTER!!! of the Backstreet Boys!!!... is directing a movie!!!... about a ragtag band of gunslingers ... See the Rest

Today’s Combo Post: Brad Pitt + Zombiecon = WWZ

Video thumbnail for youtube video Today's Combo: Brad Pitt & Zombies - World of Wonder

See previous posts; Brad Pitt break dancing with Jimmy Fallon and See the Rest

The End Is Near!: Zombiecon NYC Is Tomorrow!

Zombie party

Tomorrow is the 10th Annual Zombiecon Bar Crawl. This year it has a pretty dark theme "Kataclysm", with costumes ... See the Rest


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Pancake artist Nathan Shields (maker of the fabulous pancake flute) is back with a quickie tutorial on how to make spooky zombie pancakes for Halloween morning. Or anytime, really. Just don't forget your zombie jam! ... Watch Now

“Look at the Flowers, Lizzie” – The Walking Dead’s Most Gut-Wrenching Episode EVER


SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen last night's Walking Dead episode "The Grove" do not read any further.  ... See the Rest

Prepare Yourself for Greatness: The Trailer for Zombeavers

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"We can't turn on each other now, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE BEAVERS WANT!" screams a young hunk in the most highly anticipated movie of the year. Possibly the decade. At a remote cabin by a lake, horny ... See the Rest

Still Searching for the Perfect Christmas Gift for Me? Try Nixxi Rose’s Necro-Zombie Flesh Shoes!


Available on etsy. Says Nixxi Rose: "These shoes were crudely stitched together from the ... See the Rest



... See the Rest