Today’s Combo Post: Brad Pitt + Zombiecon = WWZ

Video thumbnail for youtube video Today's Combo: Brad Pitt & Zombies - World of Wonder

See previous posts; Brad Pitt break dancing with Jimmy Fallon and Zombicon NYC. It made me think, "Hey, I'll watch World War Z tonight. It's on Netflix. Some people have problems with it, but I think it's still %$#@! scary and a fun thrill-ride. To me, the airplane attack is one ... See the Rest

The End Is Near!: Zombiecon NYC Is Tomorrow!

Zombie party

Tomorrow is the 10th Annual Zombiecon Bar Crawl. This year it has a pretty dark theme "Kataclysm", with costumes inspired by climate disasters, plague, war, and the biblical end times. Fun! It all gets started at 11:30AM with a Bloody Mary brunch at DL Lounge Roofdeck on the LES, ... See the Rest


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Pancake artist Nathan Shields (maker of the fabulous pancake flute) is back with a quickie tutorial on how to make spooky zombie pancakes for Halloween morning. Or anytime, really. Just don't forget your zombie jam! ... Watch Now

“Look at the Flowers, Lizzie” – The Walking Dead’s Most Gut-Wrenching Episode EVER


SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen last night's Walking Dead episode "The Grove" do not read any further.  ... See the Rest

Prepare Yourself for Greatness: The Trailer for Zombeavers

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 7.16.36 AM

"We can't turn on each other now, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE BEAVERS WANT!" screams a young hunk in the most highly anticipated movie of the year. Possibly the decade. At a remote cabin by a lake, horny teens are terrorized by, yep, ZOMBIE BEAVERS. Tagline: "You'll all be damned!" ... See the Rest

Still Searching for the Perfect Christmas Gift for Me? Try Nixxi Rose’s Necro-Zombie Flesh Shoes!


Available on etsy. Says Nixxi Rose: "These shoes were crudely stitched together from the bloody remains of a newly deceased zombie victim. The skin was removed from the body as quickly as possible to stop the newly undead waking and beginning his insatiable hunger for brains! Now ... See the Rest



... See the Rest

Still Don’t Have a Halloween Costume for Tonight? These Two Spooky Transformations Might Help

Video thumbnail for youtube video Still Don't Have a Halloween Costume for Tonight? These Two Spooky Transformations Might Help - World of Wonder

This first Transformation, featuring RuPaul's Drag Race makeup artist Ish, is incredibly simple and really only requires some cotton balls, tissue paper, spirit gum, and bottle of fake blood to give you a GORGEOUS Freddy Krueger-esque burnt skin effect. It costs under $20 and ... Watch Now