Nick Cannon Goes to Doctor for Power Zit


OK, so it wasn't a zit, it was a cyst, but that made for a better headline. I made the mistake a few years back of trying to pop what I thought was a blackhead on my daughter's temple. Well, not only was it not a blackhead but a cyst, my fussing with it, infected it and the ... See the Rest

‘Member When RuPaul Got a Shout-Out on My So-Called Life?


      (t/y┬áVrej) ... See the Rest

I Smell a Proactiv Endorsement


I happen to absolutely love 90210, though I very well may be the last human watching it. Annalynne McCord, who plays Naomi, tweeted a picture of herself completely makeup-free and blemish-filled. She did it because she said she was "sick of Hollywood's perfection requirement." ... See the Rest