Nick Cannon Goes to Doctor for Power Zit


OK, so it wasn't a zit, it was a cyst, but that made for a better headline. I made the mistake a few years back of trying to pop what I thought was a blackhead on my daughter's temple. Well, not only was it not a blackhead but a cyst, my fussing with it, infected it and the doctor read me about touching her shit. Nick had a cyst in his cheek and ... See the Rest

‘Member When RuPaul Got a Shout-Out on My So-Called Life?


      (t/y┬áVrej) ... See the Rest

I Smell a Proactiv Endorsement


I happen to absolutely love 90210, though I very well may be the last human watching it. Annalynne McCord, who plays Naomi, tweeted a picture of herself completely makeup-free and blemish-filled. She did it because she said she was "sick of Hollywood's perfection requirement." One thing is for sure, in this city that takes balls... or an upcoming ... See the Rest