What Those One Direction Socks Look Like on an Actual Foot


So you've got the albums, the posters, and even the tour Ts...but what about the One Direction socks? I know you've been eyeing them on the Penneys website, and you're probably on the fence between the Harrys and the Zaynes. You wish you could try them on to see which looks best, right? I've got you covered. After the jump, you can see what they ... See the Rest

Ever Wonder What the One Direction Boys Would Look Like Without Teeth and Eyebrows?


Now's you're chance to find out! Click to see One Direction looking like deranged mole people AFTER THE JUMP! ... See the Rest

The New One Direction Video Is Here! Watch “You & I” NOW!

Video thumbnail for youtube video - World of Wonder

Sort of a lackluster outing from the One Direction boys this time, as they mope about a grey and windswept pier, casually morphing into one another (as they do). As always, you are transported by Harry's voice, and gasp a little when you see Zayn. But Louis. Darling. My DEAR. It's time to wash your hair. It just IS. That shit is NASTY. ... Watch Now

TMI: Zayn Malik on Which Band Member Farts the Most


For diehard Directioners only: On Top of the Pops the other day, Zayn was asked which band member is the smelliest to be cooped up on the tour bus with. “He doesn't like me telling people, but Niall farts the most out of everyone. The thing with him is that they're really noisy, but they don't actually smell that bad. They're kind of bearable – or ... See the Rest

Possibly ‘Shopped


  (via ArronsJohnson) ... See the Rest

1D After Dark


Louis getting eyefucked by Zayn. (via hyqf) ... See the Rest

Zayn Wants Steve Perry for His Wedding Day

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Zayn Malik of 1D fame is marrying Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards next year and her favorite song ever is Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. So what's a rich kid to do? Well Zayn is committed to getting a Journey reunion INCLUDING Neal Schon and the bigger shocker, Steve Perry to perform it. Together. Steve hasn't performed with Journey in 17 years, ... See the Rest

1D After Dark: In Which Liam and Harry Reflect on the Early Days of the Band


... See the Rest