Zayn Malik Debuts New Music and Is Suddenly the MOST EXCITING STAR ON THE PLANET

I know it's early, but I'm calling it: "Pillow Talk" is THE BEST SONG OF 2016! And Zayn Malik is THE SEXIEST STAR EVER. I know I had some See the Rest

Zayn Malik Says He Never Wanted to Be in One Direction (and Other Things That Will Make You Want to Punch Him in the Nose)

Zayn Malik continues his scorched earth approach to post-1D interviews, making sure everyone knows HE'S AN ARTIST and all that fame and money and adoration was just BEYOND tiresome. A burden really. Wah wah wah. He tells Zane Lowe: "I think I ... See the Rest

Nobody Knows Who the Hell Zayn Malik Is

Of course, if you ask ME, Zayn Malik is one of the MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, and not knowing who he is is akin to not knowing who Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake is. In fact, it's downright SHAMEFUL to be so ... See the Rest

He Likes “Chunky” Girls and Has Covered His Bel Air Mansion in Graffiti: The Takeaways from Zayn Malik’s Billboard Interview

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#WOWBestOf2015: Hunks of the Year

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#QuoteUnquote: Zayn Malik Says, Sorry, Nobody in One Direction Is Gay

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Zayn Malik’s New Selfie Is Causing Mass Hysteria

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