The James Franco/Zachary Quinto Slow Motion Kiss: Is the New York Times Queerbaiting Us?


At the New York Times Sundance booth in Park City, Saoirse Ronan, Jason Schwartzman and other Sundance darlings did goofy slo-mo things, so of course James Franco and Zachary Quinto did a slo-mo gay kiss because Zachary is gay and James is gay-adjacent and that's what everybody ... Watch Now

#HubbaHubba: James Franco Has Three-Way with Zachary Quinto and Teen Wolf’s Charlie Carver

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.28.23 PM

Ever the gay provocateur, James Franco posted Instagram pictures from his upcoming movie I Am Michael, featuring him and Zachary Quinto kissing, as well the first look at a three-way sex scene that includes Teen Wolf's Charlie Carver. Um, yeah. I'll pay to see that. Check out ... See the Rest

Instagram-a-thon: 114 Amazing Snaps From Halloween ’14


Yes, it's my Instagram feed from Halloween. I decided to stay in at my place in the country, avoiding Manhattan altogether. I watched the 41st Annual Village Halloween Parade on NY1 (frightening to admit, but I've lived in NYC for 34 of those!) The Omen (good remake from '06, ... See the Rest

The Top 10 Hottest Hunks at Paris Fashion Week

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From Zachary Quinto to Jared Leto, we've got all the yummiest guys at the Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter Haute Couture shows. And you won't BELIEVE who's number one! ... See the Rest

Out In New York Too: Some Dog Days, Bowery Boys and Celebri-Dads

DAD'S DAY: Kimye and baby North and Taylor Swift with brother Austin, out with their father, Scott Swift, on Father's Day

The weather has been SO nice the last three days here in New York that just walking around, famous or not, is the preferred pastime. Apparently, even if you have to pretend not to notice the paps. I can only imagine the commotion that Kimye cause when they appear with baby north ... See the Rest

Model Life: Zachary Quinto’s Boyfriend Is Miles of Cute


They've been dating a while it seems but when they showed up at the CFDA after-party at The Standard the other night, it reminded me again about model Miles McMillan. I wanted to know more about him, so I did a little looking around. He was discovered in '09 as an art student at ... See the Rest

Madonna’s #SecretProjectRevolution

Video thumbnail for youtube video Madonna's #SecretProjectRevolution - World of Wonder

    Madonna performed last night in New York City for an exclusive crowd that included Lindsay Lohan, Zachary Quinto, and her ex Sean Penn as she launched her new Art for Freedom initiative, which encourages members of the public to submit 'video, music, poetry, ... See the Rest

New #JohnPollySays Episode: Lady Gaga, “Applause,” Lauren Bacall, and Other Broadway Babies

Video thumbnail for youtube video New <i>#JohnPollySays</i> Episode: Lady Gaga, Applause, Lauren Bacall & Other Broadway Babies - World of Wonder

Clap your hands if you believe in faeries! And if you believe in Lady Gaga's new single "Applause"! But first, please watch a new episode of spastic, bombastic #JohnPollySays featuring me discussing everything from Zachary Quinto's hirsute forehead to Lauren Bacall's fancy ... See the Rest