#OhBrother: Zac Efron And His Hot Brother Dylan Took The Sexiest Picture In The History of Humanity

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At this point, thanks to the wonderful Universe in which we live and the Internet, we've all seen some great photos of Zac Efron. (Okay I suppose I may have seen more than the average person, but that's another story.) For me, though, this one ... See the Rest

Zac Efron Proves He Is The Perfect Man—The Hawaii Edition!

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As we all know, Zac Efron is currently on the island of Hawaii filming yet another (surely) amazing bromance comedy Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates. And if you follow his social media accounts, ... See the Rest

If Only We Could Jump Off Waterfalls With Zac Efron

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This looks like the most romantic bromance date I've ever seen! Zac Efron and Adam DeVine have taken a break from shooting Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates in Hawaii and shared images via Instagram of their adventure (looking ... See the Rest

Zac Efron Is Super Bro-y In “We Are Your Friends” Trailer!


The anticipated trailer for Max Joseph's We Are Your Friends starring the greatest person in the universe Zac Efron has arrived! In the EDM-inspired flick, Zac plays Cole—a bro-y DJ from the Valley who hustles for gigs and ... See the Rest

Robert De Niro With His Thumb Up Zac Efron’s Ass. That Is All

Robert De Niro sticks his thumb up Zac Efron's butt while filming scenes for Dirty Grandpa

Yep. There you go. A pic of Robert De Niro with his thumb up Zac Efron's butt. They're filming a scene from their upcoming opus Dirty Grandpa, ... See the Rest

Breaking News: Zac Efron Goes Completely Almost Nude!!!

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We're excited to report that Zac Efron's new movie Dirty Grandpa might just be his greatest yet! Here, in the most amazing photos ever, he wears a pair of nude underwear and a stuffed toy to protect his modesty as he films an almost-nude beach ... See the Rest

#MTVMovieAwards: Amy Schumer Made Fun, While Everyone Else Shamelessly Promoted

Amy Schumer opens the show at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles

Amy Schumer hosted the MTV Movie Awards Awards like a seasoned pro and ... See the Rest

A Message to Mary Cheney from RuPaul’s Drag Race

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After seeing a promo for RuPaul's Drag Race (premiering March 2 on Logo TV!) Mary Cheney (daughter of Dick) likened drag to black face. Ooo, Mary. We see this as a teachable moment. Time for a Drag Herstory lesson. Learn it, and learn it well. Watch Ru's message to Miz Cheney ... See the Rest