First Look: Yves Saint Laurent, le Film

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The trailer for the upcoming Pierre Bergé-approved Yves Saint Laurent biopic, starring Pierre Niney as Yves, is here. And because the movie has Bergé's blessings, its creators had full access to the house’s gasp-inducing archives, and they were able to swathe the cast in real vintage looks. It's pretty unreal. ... See the Rest

Putting It Bluntly

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Emily Blunt at the YSL show in Paris the other day, wearing PURPLE and BROWN. With SCARLET lipstick. And I don't know, man, I just just don't know. Does it work? What do you think? I'm not averse to purple and brown together, per se, I'm just partial to a more wine-colored purple with my browns. This feels too violet and too loud and that satin is ... See the Rest