Henry Cavill’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is the Last Ice Bucket Challenge You Ever Need to Watch

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Hooo boy. You better pour some ice water on ME to cool me down after watching Henry Cavill's extra bulgy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He's in full Superman drag here – which is always exciting – as bucket after bucket after bucket of water is poured onto him. And astonishingly his massive bulge never seems to shrink! WHATTAMAN! Watch it after the ... See the Rest

Cutest Dad EVER?

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The Holderness Family of North Carolina has made a back-to-school parody of "Baby Got Back" called "Baby Got Class." And while it's completely corny and tooth-rottingly sweet, dear God in heaven, WHAT A DILF that dad is. Like Jon Stewart's hotter little brother. You need to watch it NOW. You will SWOON. ... Watch Now

The Top 10 Hottest Hunks at Paris Fashion Week

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From Zachary Quinto to Jared Leto, we've got all the yummiest guys at the Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter Haute Couture shows. And you won't BELIEVE who's number one! ... See the Rest

Snap: Mario Balotelli IN HIS UNDERWEAR!

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Wearing just a pair of underwear, sexy Italian footballer Mario Balotelli admires the view from his hotel balcony in Miami. The 23 year old AC Milan striker showed off his abs and fabulous skunk 'do while in only his Puma underwear, as he watched the pool below his room. ... See the Rest

The Only Gifs You Need to See from the World Cup

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Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri of the Swiss national team spend some quality bro time together on the sidelines, laughing and hugging and... oh my!... gently touching each other's inner thighs! ... See the Rest

On Set with Nick Jonas

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Nick Jonas, looking buff and beautiful, on the set of the upcoming drama Navy Street in Venice, California. Nick – who's trying desperately to shed his good boy Disney image – plays a professional boxer in the gritty naval drama. Let's check in on him as he tosses a football around with the crew between takes.  ... See the Rest

Wonuts: Now a Thing

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The new waffle/doughnut hybrid – "wonuts" –are waffles deep-fried in vegetable shortening then dipped in sugar, marshmallow, maple, or chocolate glazes. Add toppings like sprinkles, granola, or chocolate shavings, and there you have it. ... See the Rest

Best Song Ever? “Chocolate” by The 1975, OF COURSE


I get it! I finally get it! My 14-year-old niece has been banging on about The 1975 for months, but I didn't get it until now. THEY'RE AMAZING! The most important band of the 21st century! And Matt Healy is THE MOST IMPORTANT ROCK STAR TO COME ALONG IN DECADES! He's louche and depraved-looking and slightly wounded with the lugubrious sexuality of a ... See the Rest