Breaking News: Taco Bell Now Has Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes Stuffed with Milk Icing!

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Wait, what?! WHAT? CAP'N CRUNCH DONUT HOLES FILLED WITH MILK ICING? Staaaaaaaaaahp it! Let's break that down, point by point. Taco Bell, of all places, has a TOP SECRET new desert. It's essentially a deep-fried ball of sweet dough. Filled with the sugary cream. Topped with a warm, gooey milk icing. And dusted with Cap'n Crunch crunchberries. The ... See the Rest

Woman Makes Yogurt Out of Her Vaginal Bacteria

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It's one of those 3AM questions that keeps us all awake at night: Can a person make yogurt from vaginal bacteria? Cecilia Westbrook, an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, decided to find out. As homemade yogurt is made by mixing a small amount of a yogurt starter culture with some milk and heating it – and because most common bacteria ... See the Rest

America’s Next Hot Mugshot

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Green-eyed honey Sean Korey, 29,of Santa Cruz, California, attacked a Halloween partygoer dressed as a Fox News Anchor with a tennis racket, shouting "I hate FOX News!" – becoming America's hottest jailbird since Jeremy Meeks (remember him?). According to Yahoo News: Sean Kory, a 29-year-old from Santa Cruz, was at the city's annual Halloween ... See the Rest

YUM! How to Get Away with Murder’s Jack Falahee

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Yeah, yeah, powerhouse  Viola Davis, give her the Emmy, BLAH BLAH BLAH but did you catch THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH – Jack Falahee – on last night's How to Get Away with Murder premiere? He plays the morally ambiguous gay character Conner Walsh and he was absolutely DAZZLING! Now, back when I was the only person watching ABC ... See the Rest

Henry Cavill’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is the Last Ice Bucket Challenge You Ever Need to Watch

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Henry Cavill's Ice Bucket Challenge Is the Last Ice Bucket Challenge You Ever Need to Watch - World of Wonder

Hooo boy. You better pour some ice water on ME to cool me down after watching Henry Cavill's extra bulgy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He's in full Superman drag here – which is always exciting – as bucket after bucket after bucket of water is poured onto him. And astonishingly his massive bulge never seems to shrink! WHATTAMAN! Watch it after the ... See the Rest

Cutest Dad EVER?

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The Holderness Family of North Carolina has made a back-to-school parody of "Baby Got Back" called "Baby Got Class." And while it's completely corny and tooth-rottingly sweet, dear God in heaven, WHAT A DILF that dad is. Like Jon Stewart's hotter little brother. You need to watch it NOW. You will SWOON. ... Watch Now

The Top 10 Hottest Hunks at Paris Fashion Week

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From Zachary Quinto to Jared Leto, we've got all the yummiest guys at the Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter Haute Couture shows. And you won't BELIEVE who's number one! ... See the Rest

Snap: Mario Balotelli IN HIS UNDERWEAR!

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Wearing just a pair of underwear, sexy Italian footballer Mario Balotelli admires the view from his hotel balcony in Miami. The 23 year old AC Milan striker showed off his abs and fabulous skunk 'do while in only his Puma underwear, as he watched the pool below his room. ... See the Rest