Your Choice: Either Watch a Girl with HUNDREDS of Ants Living in Her Ear, Or a Guy Who Snaps a Mousetrap on His Tongue In Slow Motion

This is your Sophie's Choice of the Day. You have to pick one or the other. No two ways about it. I've kidnapped your grandmother and I'm going to torture and possibly kill ... See the Rest

Gross! Disturbing! Possibly NSFW! The Stupid Human Trick that Will Forever Freak You OUT!

I don't know if I can stress this enough: THIS IS SOME CRAZY SHIT YOU'RE ABOUT TO SEE. You will probably scream. And maybe retch. There's this boy.... His name is Sam... He's from Colorado... And he can stretch his uvula THREE AND A QUARTER INCHES! What's a ... See the Rest

#NopeNopeNope: Boy Discovers Sea Snail Living in His Knee

Seven-year-old Paul Franklin scratched his knee at a beach near his home in Orange County, California. When it swelled to the size of a large orange, his mother ... See the Rest

Nose Picking Post!

Why, it's a BOOGER APPRECIATION POST! Yeeeeees! Give it up for some nostril love! After the jump we have HUNDREDS of your favorite celebrities and just regular folks mining for little green nose oysters. Honk when you get to the bridge! See the Rest

‘Tis the Season for… Wasabi Candy Canes?

From Archie McPhee – the company that brought you bacon-flavored candy ... See the Rest

No No No No No No: Man Discovers Spider Living Under His Skin

21-year-old Australian Dylan Thomas was vacationing in Bali when he noticed a weird, two-inch red line on his stomach. “It was as if someone had scratched me with ... See the Rest

What This Guy Collects Will Make You Throw Up a Little In Your Mouth

When I think of all the disgusting things people might possibly collect and keep in jars (scabs, old boogers, road kill), this really doesn't seem that gross. That is: Until you actually see it. Then you're going to want to hurl. Check Richard Gibsons weird collection out after ... See the Rest

Must-Watch: Woman Eats Dog Food for a Month to Prove… Oh, I Don’t Know, I Was Too Busy Throwing Up

A pet store owner in Richland, Washington, has decided to eat pet food for an entire month "to raise ingredient awareness, and promote knowing what's in your pet's food, as well as in your own." Sure, why not? ... See the Rest