Deleted Scene from WOW Co-Produced Documentary “Dressed as a Girl”

Check out this deleted scene from the World of Wonder & Blue Oyster Films co-produced documentary Dressed as a Girl, which the Watch Now

#FlashbackFriday: Bowie & Cher Singing Together Is Pure Joy!

It's not the greatest either of them has ever been on stage, but seeing David Bowie and Cher together on The Cher Show IS a fun flashback. These variety show medleys were nutty as hell, even at the time, but as fun it is to ... Watch Now

#HumpDayHottie: The Bear-Naked Chef Is Back with Pasta, Tatts & Muscles

NSFW: The Bear-Naked Chef, Adrian de Berardinis, is back with another episode of his web series where he shows you how to cook traditional Italian meals, wearing only an apron and socks! This week, Adrian is serving up a quick ... Watch Now

#ViralVideo: This Ad For Organ Donation WILL Leave You Bawling

This commercial appeared last spring and be warned, it WILL make you cry – and maybe consider becoming an organ donor. The Man and the Dog was commissioned by an Argentinian donor foundation and has been viewed on YouTube millions of times. I won't tell you any ... Watch Now

Novympia: Olympia Can’t Stop Pretending to Be Furniture

I love Novympia! Novympia is Nova and Olympia, two drag queens who are also partners from the UK. They are also in the ... Watch Now

#ThrowbackThursday: Deven Green Does Brenda Dickson

I remember when I first found these when I had only JUST begun at World of Wonder back in 2007. I would watch them with our old receptionist Jeffrey (although I called him Heather), and we would literally be on the floor ... Watch Now

Watch Gay Men Touch a Vagina For the First Time!

You saw "Lesbians Touch a Penis for the First Time," so it's only fair that they make a "Gay Men Touch a Vagina for the First Time" video, right? My favorite line: "Can you keep snacks down ... Watch Now

#SNL: Adam Driver Stars In Porn Parody “The Doctor Is In… My Butt 4”

Adam Driver hosted SNL on Saturday night and as expected, we got Star Wars references. But they made good use of his porn star humpiness too in a sketch where a young girl, (Aidy Bryant) confuses a porn shoot starring Dr. ... Watch Now