#FlashbackFriday: “Smack That” Viral Video Bomb Still Kills

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.37.05 AM

This video was originally posted four years ago, but 4 million views later (30 of those must be mine) and it's still funky fresh! A 14 year-old girl decides to make a ... See the Rest

#ViralVine: The Further Adventures of BatDad


(Please read with a raspy, gravely voice) He's social media mega-famous. Mr. Worldwide. He's BatDad. Not that much is known (pretty much everything is known, actually) but that's the ... See the Rest

Brand New Web Show! Mike Diamond Solves Problems on ‘What’s Your Problem?’

What's Your Problem?

The hiLARious Mike Diamond (who if you haven't subscribed to on YouTube, you MUST!) solves everyone's problems just outside World of Wonder ... Watch Now

#TBTFashion: The Gayest Men’s Looks, Space-Age Hairdos, a Dali Runway & Predictions From 1939


Hard to imagine today, but before TV and the internet, besides ... See the Rest

Tony Moore Lounges With Todrick Hall!

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Super host Tony Moore welcomes YouTube star Todrick Hall on this episode of Loungin With Tony! Watch as they kick back in Todrick's home and discuss his amazing YouTube videos, upcoming tour, MTV show, and more. Check it out! ... See the Rest

#FirstLook: Vincent Look-Alike Robert Reynolds Stars In “The Van Gogh Show”

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You may remember last month I posted a pic of a NYC straphanger that bore an UNCANNY resemblance to 19th century genius painter, Vincent Van Gogh. The ... See the Rest

#MadMen: “Hello, I’m Shelly Duvall.” “What?!”

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I've posted this (twice) before, but now that Mad Men and Don ... See the Rest

#YouTube: How To Take A Slutty Selfie (Bloopers)


I could give you background on YouTube star Trisha Paytas and her friend the gorgeous trans Gigi Gorgeous but it's really not necessary. These "bloopers" from How To Take A Slutty Selfie are self-explanatory ... See the Rest