Mike Diamond on Ring My Bell

Mike Diamond Ring My Bell

Mike Diamond takes your calls on this week's all-new episode of Ring My Bell! New episodes of Ring My Bell every Sunday on WOWPresents! Watch after the jump! ... See the Rest

Cuteness Alert: Big-Eyed Slow Loris Eating A Rice Ball


Slow Loris sounds like a Dr. Seuss character, doesn't it? –looks like one too. According to Wikipedia, a Slow Loris is found in Southeast Asia. Their arms and legs are nearly equal in length, and their trunk is long which allows them to twist and extend to nearby branches. They move slowly and deliberately (hence the name. Duh.) making little or no ... See the Rest

#GayDads4Cheerios: I Guess They’e Not Just For Straight People Anymore?

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 2.24.26 PM

In the latest Cheerios ads, the copy says “there are many kinds of families, and we celebrate them all.” You get not one, but two, dads. The company is again celebrating diversity and love by featuring gay dads. André, Jonathan, and their adopted daughter Raphaëlle sit around a table and talk about meeting and how they became parents. The ad ends ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Is This The Weirdest Kid’s TV Show Ever?

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I'm not an expert on strange shows for children, in this country or any other, but Kinderkreis HAS to be right up there with the weirdest. Teletubbies on Molly. Kids answer questions and then dancers in spandex interpret their response. BE-yond. How can you parody something that has all the hallmarks of parody already? Dans Gushers!! ... See the Rest

Guess What?: Twin Brothers Come Out To Their Parents – On YouTube


Today is my little brother's birthday. Happy birthday, Tad! (He's 50! I'm older. Don't ask, don't tell.) The reason I mention it here is that we both are gay. I remember very vividly coming out to my Mom and the first thing she asked me, after saying "You're kidding!?" twice, was if my brother was gay too? Tad and I had discussed it beforehand so, ... See the Rest

Binge-Watching: Kath & Kim Are My New Obsession


I know. This might not be news to you. I'm late to the party in discovering Kath & Kim, the hilarious Australian sitcom. The antithesis of AbFab, K & K celebrates the feuding mother and daughter stereotype with an Aussie bent. It was translated for American TV audiences briefly in 2008 with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, which was short-lived, but ... See the Rest

Watch Now: RuPaul is In Bed with Joan


Awhile back the late Joan Rivers invited RuPaul in her bed for a kiki. They gab about Ru's fate in drag and fame, the art of tucking, and the success of RuPaul's Drag Race! This very sweet episode of In Bed with Joan is the series' highest rated episode! Something tells me that Bianca Del Rio's episode will be a close second. Click over and watch ... See the Rest

Hello, It’s Shelly Duvall’s Birthday: “What?!”

Video thumbnail for youtube video In Honor of Shelly Duvall's Birthday... - World of Wonder

This is almost belated, I just realized it's SD's birthday. I've posted this before – it's one of my favorite things on earth. Gets me every time! Happy birthday, Shelly! What?! ... See the Rest