Your Moment of Zen: Drone Footage of Thousands of Reindeer Migrating in Norway

In Norway, approximately 3,500 reindeer begin their annual two-month journey south. Photographer Jan Helmer Olsen used a drone to capture their awe-inspiring (and oddly relaxing) migration, in which they swarm like very elegant ants across the frozen tundra, and regularly endure ... See the Rest

Colby Keller’s Package & Poetry

Sit back. Relax. Light a cucumber melon candle. Philosopher/Pornstar Colby Keller brings us a moment of beauty and blinding spiritual clarity in his new WOWPresents series "Colby Keller's Package & Poetry." This week, Colby does yoga stretches in his underwear and reads from ... Watch Now

Your Moment of Zen: Flippy Lid

Oh, flippy lid,  flippy lid, flipping in the sink. Wasting water, wasting time, forcing me to think: Flippy lid, flippy lid.... What am I doing with my life? ... Watch Now

Your Moment of Zen: Guillaume Néry Dives into the Deepest Swimming Pool in the World

Beautiful and slightly terrifying. French freediver Guillaume Néry, who specializes in Constant Weight freediving, gently floats to the bottom of NEMO 33, the deepest pool in the world (113 feet). Hold your breath and see if you ... See the Rest

Your Moment of Zen: Freediver Blows Bubble Rings into Fabulous Underwater Designs

It's been a terrible week. Robin. Lauren. Edith. Now, I hear that Twisted has been cancelled. HOW MUCH MORE AM I EXPECTED TO TAKE? Here's a calming ... See the Rest

You’re Moment of Zen: A Bear Playing Tetherball

... See the Rest

Your Moment of Zen: Instant Ice! Instantly!

A man leaves his hose out in freezing weather and when he turns it on in the morning, it spits out perfectly cylindrical ice cubes. Now, that might not sound very interesting, but just watch the video. It's mesmerizing. ... See the Rest

In Case You Were Wondering

This is what it looks like when you crack an egg 60 feet under the ocean's surface. Sort of like a lemon in a condom. Or a jellyfish who swallowed the sun. Weird, beautiful, and hypnotic. (via See the Rest