#TBT: Sewer Worms or Snot-Monsters from Outer Space? You Decide

Yesterday, I spent two hours trying to post this INCREDIBLY CREEPY video of the throbbing, breathing, ectoplasmic blobs of terror that apparently live in the sewers beneath us. Every time I would post it, though, the video would be taken off-line by its original poster, which had ... See the Rest

Your Choice: Either Watch a Girl with HUNDREDS of Ants Living in Her Ear, Or a Guy Who Snaps a Mousetrap on His Tongue In Slow Motion

This is your Sophie's Choice of the Day. You have to pick one or the other. No two ways about it. I've kidnapped your grandmother and I'm going to torture and possibly kill ... See the Rest

Totally Cuckoo-Bananas Avante-Garde Dance Costumes from the 1920s – If the Clubkids Only Had THESE

Jawdropping nuttiness from 1920s Hamburg – dozens of wild, Expressionist dance costumes that look like "retro robots and Bauhaus knights." Lavinia ... See the Rest

Um, Is Chris Crocker Dating Aaron Carter?

NOT a headline you explicated to read this morning, is it? But that's the scuttlebutt we're hearing. It all began yesterday when the proto-YouTube phenomenon and former tween sensation appeared to be canoodling together on Chris's Instagram feed. Is it love? Or just two ... See the Rest

#Herstory: The Pink Angels, a Transvestite Biker Movie from 1972

"Plenty of heads turn when a group of transvestite bikers wheel their way to Los Angeles," says the IMDB description. HUH? How could I never have heard of such ... See the Rest

Art Break: Olivier de Sagazan Will CREEP YOU OUT

Help me, Mommy. The mucho macabre, relentlessly grotesque, and frequently repulsive sculptures of Olivier de Sagazan will leave you with a creeping sort of dread. ... See the Rest

Omg – Is This an Alien Fetus?

Todd Ray, the owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow, claims he's discovered a creature so strange he doesn't know ... See the Rest

Otherkins: The Norwegian Girl Who Thinks She’s a Cat

Have you guys heard of otherkins? There is a tag on Tumblr for otherkin, but I suggest not even going there unless you want to be in a click hole for ... See the Rest