A Unicorn Poops Rainbow-Colored Ice Cream While a Handsome Prince Explains How to Poop Properly in This Hysterical New Commercial

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A new commercial for Squatty Potty features a magical pooping unicorn and a hunky prince with a charming British accent who explains that the proper pooping technique requires a stool to get your squat on. The modern day toilet is convenient, but has one major fault; it ... See the Rest

Nightmare Fuel: Cosplay Superfan Cuts Nose Off to Look Like the Red Skull

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A comicbook fan who dreamed of looking like Captain America's archnemesis Red Skull has had his nose removed (!!!), ridges implanted under his skin, and the whites of his eyes and face tattooed. Whether or not you choose to click over to the reveal is entirely up to you, but I ... See the Rest

Nope OTD: Woman Hears Scratching Sound In her Ear. You Won’t Believe What It Was…

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When a Chinese woman named Li Meng started hearing "scratching" noises after going for a hike with her boyfriend, she thought she might be “possessed by evil spirits.” According to Central European News, she "See the Rest

The Most Upsetting PSA EVER EVER EVER

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From Northern Ireland comes this PSA entitled "Classroom" about the dangers of speeding. I guarantee you will leap from seat and shout some sort of obscenity as you watch it. ... Watch Now

Kim Davis Talks to ABC News About Meeting the Pope


It's your mid-day Kim Davis briefing because we know you can't get enough! Yes! Yes! More! More! Let's squeeze every last drop out of this story! So. Where are we? We know now that the story of The Pontiff's top-secret meeting with soon-to-be ... See the Rest

“Girl” James Franco Suggests “Boy” James Franco Cut Off His Penis In Bizarre Self-Interview


The increasingly fragmented James Franco interviewed his feminine side for ... See the Rest

Melissa Joan Hart Rants: “If Kardashians Can Be Covered 24/7, Why Can’t We Have One Day Dedicated” To 9/11 Coverage?

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Former teenage witch Melissa Joan Hart tweeted this morning: “Extremely disappointed in @foxnews and @CNN for not having continual coverage of Sept11 memorial &names ... See the Rest

There’s a Golden Girls Porn Parody Because of Course There Is

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This Ain't The Golden Girls ... See the Rest