#TrendAlert: Bean Sprouts Growing Out of Your Head Is All the Rage in China

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In "Sure, Why Not?" news, it seems everyone in Beijing is apparently walking around with small plastic sprouts emerging directly from the top of their heads. I LOVE ... See the Rest

The Man with the 9-Pound Penis

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See the Rest

Watch a Doctor Pull a Giant Maggot Out of a Woman’s Lip

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Or don't. It might be a bit much for some folk.  It's unclear where the woman is from, when her lip became infested with writhing maggots, or how and why it happened. The original YouTube post simply said the patient visited a doctor because of an inflamed, itchy lip. The rest of ... See the Rest

Ned Flanders-Inspired Heavy Metal Band

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Okilly Dokilly is a metal — or “Nedal” — band inspired by Ned Flanders from See the Rest

Axe-Wielding Clown Attacks North Carolina Woman

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Picture it: 4:30AM, you hear a noise. You get out of bed, creep downstairs to investigate, and what do you find? A CLOWN WITH A FUCKING AXE! Whaaaaaat? NOOOOOO. He chases you. You ... See the Rest

Um, Eww: What the Inside of a Kangaroo Pouch Looks Like

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If you think kangaroo pouches are like luxurious fur-lined Prada messenger bags, you, sir, would be mistaken. In fact, as we see in this video, it's more like a dark, moist, stretched-out.... um... orifice than anything you see in ... See the Rest

Kelly Osbourne on the View Today: “If You Kick Every Latino Out, Who’s Going to Clean Your Toilets?”

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Oh dear. Oh my. Kellykellykellykelly. Kelly Osbourne caused a shitstorm of controversy online this morning following her comments on The ... See the Rest

Giant Gelatinous Blob Mystifies Divers


Off the coast of Turkey, a group of divers encountered a translucent blob about the size of a car, which felt “very soft” ... See the Rest