A Glitch in the Matrix

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A glitch in the Matrix –that creepy sense of déjà vu that occurs when the enemy machines alter an aspect of the Matrix, and you realize it's all just a digital reality. You THINK you are living in the real world, but you're NOT. And here's the photographic evidence. ... See the Rest

Can’t Unsee of the Day: Cyriak’s “Malfunction”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Can't Unsee of the Day: Cyriak "Malfunction" - World of Wonder

I feel funny. Has somebody slipped something in my Red Bull-and-prune? I haven't tripped this hard in 20 years. It's the latest from video artist/madman Cyriak, whose disturbing and often surreal "brain spillages" have been delighting YouTubers for years. This time around, a weird mouth monster terrorizes '50s surburbia, as things fall apart, the ... Watch Now

Sure Why Not: Man Pushes Brussel Sprout Up a Mountain with His Nose

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49-year-old Englishman Stuart Kettell is without a doubt the first man ever to successfully push a Brussel sprout up a mountain with his nose. This weekend, Stuart managed to climb Snowdon – the highest mountain in Wales – on all fours, while pushing a Brussels sprout with his nose. “On the 30th of July, I’m going to be pushing a brussel sprout up ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: “Face Cake” from This Is Jinsy

Video thumbnail for youtube video Tune for Today: "Face Cake" from This Is Jinsy - World of Wonder

I've never seen the British comedy series This Is Jinsy, and I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but today is my birthday, and I want a face cake. And I want you to sing this weird little ditty as you present it to me. ... See the Rest

Don’t Have a Cow, Lady

Video thumbnail for youtube video Don't Have a Cow, Lady - World of Wonder

A woman faces death-by-door-squishing when a cow comes to visit. How have I never seen this before? ... Watch Now

Well, This Is Disturbing: The Child of God Trailer

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They're serving up some freaky, feral hillbilly drag in the new trailer for the upcoming  Child of God. Directed by James Franco, and based on the chilling novel by Cormac McCarthy, Child of God "tells the provocative story of Lester Ballad, a dispossessed, violent man, attempting to exist outside the social order. Consecutively deprived of parents ... Watch Now

What Does It Sound Like When a Thousand People Crack Their Knuckles at Once?

Video thumbnail for youtube video What Does It Sound Like When a Thousand People Crack Their Knuckles at Once? - World of Wonder

You're about to find out. At some long ago PAX East Q&A panel, the audience all agreed to crack their knuckles at the same time. The sound is louder than you'd think, and oddly arousing. Is that weird? I didn't realize I had a knuckle-cracking fetish until I saw his video. ... See the Rest

The 50 Shades of Grey Trailer Is Here, and, Holy Crap, They’ve Completely Neutered Jamie Dornan

Video thumbnail for youtube video The 50 Shades of Grey Is Here, and, Holy Crap, They've Gone and Completely Neutered Jamie Dornan - World of Wonder

The trailer for 50 Shades of Grey has arrived, featuring a positively fetal-looking Jamie Dornan. Seriously, why have they infantalized him by shaving off his beard? Jamie Dornan looks dead sexy with a beard. He slays with a beard. It's his best feature. It's 2014 – we are at peak beardiness as a culture. Not since the Edwardians have so many men ... See the Rest