#JapanOfCourse: Two Girls Try to Blow a Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouth

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Gotta love those Japanese gameshows. This one features a particularly toe-curling challenge – Watch as two girls blow a bug back and forth in a glass tube, trying to get it down the other's throat. Now, many YouTube commenters are saying the bug in question is a ciccada not a ... See the Rest

Pink’s Dress: Toot It or Boot It?

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Whatwhatwhat is going on here? We really need to sit down and have a frank discussion about Pink and her latest sartorial... disaster? triumph? I don't know what to think of this. On the one hand: WOW. It's a GOWN. An old-time, ... See the Rest

Man Sneezes Out Toy Dart That Had Been Up His Nose for 44 YEARS!

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Incredible. Six weeks ago, an Englishman named Steve Easton sneezed, and something very strange came out of his nose. He looked down into his hands and was shocked to find a black, rubber suction cup that was about the size of a penny. “I thought, ‘What’s this? Where the ... See the Rest

The Carver Twins Stuff Themselves Into the Same Ruffled Track Suit

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It's my Hot Look of the Day. Charlie and Max Carver (of Teen Wolf/Desperate Housewives/and The Leftovers fame) did a raaaaaather random photo shoot with the inexplicably-still-not-in-jail Terry Richardson. Pictures included some twincest-y shots of the boys in leather,  Charlie ... See the Rest

Must-Watch: Andre Leon Talley Interviews Stars on the Met Red Carpet Last Night

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Well, "interviews" is a pretty strong word. "Natters on about nothing" is probably more accurate. But God love him. What a nut. Watch his hysterical celebrity interactions after the jump. (via Jezebel)  ... See the Rest

Freaky, Mutant, Goo-Spewing Worm Will Shock and Disgust You

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The internet had a collective freakout the other day when a Redditor posted this bizarre video of a Nemertea, or ribbon worm, which shoots a proboscis (elongated nose) out of a hole above its mouth to grasp onto their prey. When not stretched out like an alien life form, the ... See the Rest

Will Smith Premieres His Deadshot Costume – to Resounding Groans

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Gotta say, I'm getting a little worried about Suicide Squad. Not only is it falling victim to over-casting (with everybody in Hollywood getting a part), but we're beginning to see some massive missteps in the costuming department. Just look at this mess. Will Smith as Deadshot is ... See the Rest

You Are Not Going to BELIEVE What This Girl Can Do with a Balloon

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Trust me, you WILL gasp when you see this girl's amazing party trick. Watch in awe as she deep throats A FOUR-FOOT BALLOON. Her throat expands, she gags slightly, then takes a pin and pops it, then yanks it out. *Mic drop.*   ... See the Rest