No, No, No OTD: Teen Pulls GIANT CENTIPEDE Out of His Ear After Waking Up in Excruciating Pain

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DON'T LOOK! DON'T LOOK! You'll never sleep again! An Arkansas teen awoke the other morning to EXCRUCIATING pain in his ear. He started digging around, and soon found the cause: a four-inch centipede had burrowed into his ear canal and made himself at home! From The Daily ... See the Rest

Shia LaBeouf’s Freestyle Rap: Brilliant or Just Plain Nutty?

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With his rat tail slung rakishly over his shoulder, the increasingly nutty Even Stevens star does a free-style rap for a group of amused teenagers, showing off some hitherto unknown hip-hop skills. It must be heard to be believed. You will either think it's brilliant and fall ... See the Rest

Meanwhile in Canada: Authorities Are Looking for a Maniac Moose Rider

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An unidentified shirtless man is videotaped chasing a moose on a speedboat, then jumping on it's back and riding it across the lake like a bucking bronco. “I’ve never seen something so awesome,” says one of the men off camera. Yeah, awesomely idiotic. Poor little moose. Actually ... See the Rest

Step Aside, Black Burger: Burger King Japan Introduces the AKA (Red) Samurai Burger


Remember the hubbub last year when Burger King Japan introduced the its black burger with black squid ink sauce and black cheese? The Kuro burger, as it was called, was a roaring success, igniting a world-wide fad for ink-and-charcoal-tasting culinary fare. Ha! Just kidding. It ... See the Rest

The Top 20 Biggest Bathroom Fails EVER


Not for the squeamish or pee-shy: After the jump, I have a pictorial collection of crappy bathrooms guaranteed to make you say "Ah, no thanx, I think I'll just hold it." ... See the Rest

I Dare You to Relive the Horror of “Kathie Lee’s Rockin’ Tots Cafe”

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In the deepest pit of the 9th circle of Hell there is a theater that plays Kathy Lee's Rockin' Tots Cafe on a loop for the worst of the worst child molesters, ISIS beheaders, and people who come up to you at parties and say "I bet you don't remember my name." You probably never ... See the Rest

Scientist Missing for 30 Years Found Living Inside Secret Room in Basement – Tripping Balls


You can't make this stuff up. Or maybe you can. This story only appears on a website devoted to "news of the weird"-type stuff – but it's so crazy, I had to pass it along. A couple from Cottage Grove, Minnesota recently discovered an old man living in a secret drug laboratory ... See the Rest

Must-Have: Freak Masks That Let You Wear Your Own Face (Or Someone Elses)

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Super-freaky Freak Masks from Firebox are custom ski masks that "allow you to wear your own face, the face of someone else, an animal, food, or anything at all." Simply upload a high-quality photo of the object that you want on the mask. Firebox will then print the mask off and ... See the Rest