South African Street Performers Magically Levitate Their Hats

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Well, this is new. Street performers in the Soweto district of Johannesburg make their hats float in the air while performing their wildly creative dance routine. Absolutely mesmerizing. Somebody want to explain how they do this? Filmed by Kim Davidson and uploaded to The Internet Loves Me.  ... See the Rest

Why Does Everything Have To Make Sense? Have A Great Weekend, Kids!


... See the Rest

Ear Porn: German Headphone Lives to Pleasure Ears

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ear Porn: German Headphone Lives to Pleasure Ears - World of Wonder

A giant headphone and a giant ear engage in some truly shocking behavior in this wtf Sennheiser commercial . Just watch. ... See the Rest

Only In Russia: More Pics With Rugs, Bears, A Submarine, Drinking, Odd Outfits, Drinking…


You may have seen some of these that appeared on the post of amazing Russian dating pics the other day. There does seem to be some thematic threads. I'm starting to get the idea that Russia more like the US than not. It seems to be one part New Jersey, one part Florida and one part ... See the Rest

A Glitch in the Matrix

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A glitch in the Matrix –that creepy sense of déjà vu that occurs when the enemy machines alter an aspect of the Matrix, and you realize it's all just a digital reality. You THINK you are living in the real world, but you're NOT. And here's the photographic evidence. ... See the Rest

Can’t Unsee of the Day: Cyriak’s “Malfunction”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Can't Unsee of the Day: Cyriak "Malfunction" - World of Wonder

I feel funny. Has somebody slipped something in my Red Bull-and-prune? I haven't tripped this hard in 20 years. It's the latest from video artist/madman Cyriak, whose disturbing and often surreal "brain spillages" have been delighting YouTubers for years. This time around, a weird mouth monster terrorizes '50s surburbia, as things fall apart, the ... Watch Now

Sure Why Not: Man Pushes Brussel Sprout Up a Mountain with His Nose

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49-year-old Englishman Stuart Kettell is without a doubt the first man ever to successfully push a Brussel sprout up a mountain with his nose. This weekend, Stuart managed to climb Snowdon – the highest mountain in Wales – on all fours, while pushing a Brussels sprout with his nose. “On the 30th of July, I’m going to be pushing a brussel sprout up ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: “Face Cake” from This Is Jinsy

Video thumbnail for youtube video Tune for Today: "Face Cake" from This Is Jinsy - World of Wonder

I've never seen the British comedy series This Is Jinsy, and I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but today is my birthday, and I want a face cake. And I want you to sing this weird little ditty as you present it to me. ... See the Rest