The Great Outgnaws

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Remember this fabulous wrapping paper? Well now there's a tent to match. Perfect for camp camping. And here's a few other tents you can't eschew. ... See the Rest

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper


From The DW: "Sarah Fay and Justin Colt’s Gift Couture – 'a start-up creative and innovative wrapping paper company' — introduces the mouth-watering Cheeseburger wrapping paper set. They’re still several thousand dollars shy of their Kickstarter goal from making this available to ... See the Rest

Oh Cum All Ye Faithful

Hot wrapper for a hot gift idea from EVB after the jump. (Not entirely unsafe for work, just might offend some).  ... See the Rest

Beware of Gifts Bearing Swastikas

A Florida woman was attracted to the pretty gold-and-green wrapping paper she espied at the dollar store and happily plunked down her dollar for a roll of it. Imagine her surprise when she got home, unrolled it, and discovered that the festive pattern on the paper was actually ... See the Rest