InstaGlam: Kim Kardashian and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

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Aaaaaand she's back to blonde! Kim Kardashian instagrams a pic with super-fab fashion editor and wowlebrity Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. ... See the Rest

Candis Cayne Is a Crazy Bitch… in the New Horror Film Crazy Bitches

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Legendary legend Candis Cayne plays the man-hungry hussy Vivianna in the indie slasher film, Crazy Bitches, which debuts at San Francisco's Victoria Theatre on June 26. The actress and outspoken trans rights activist says says there's a refreshing twist to the role  ... Watch Now

La Toya Jackson Makes a Surprise Appearance on the Selfie Awards

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VH1's The Gossip Table was deciding who will win this week's Selfie Award for Rockin' Red Lips, when who should drop by but THE WINNER HERSELF, La Toya Jackson! Fabulosity ensues as she showed off her new engagement ring, talked about the upcoming season of Life With Latoya, (and wore THE MOST EXQUISITE orange nail polish, omg!). Watch it after the ... Watch Now

More From the Island Hunters WOW Report Mixer

Island Hunters WOW Report Mixer

Check out more photos from last night's WOW Report mixer celebrating Island Hunters! Guests of the party were asked to put their heads in a hole and strike a pose!  ... See the Rest

Photos From Last Night’s WOW Report Island Hunters Mixer!


Check out photos from last night's WOW Report mixer at Boardner's in Hollywood! We were there celebrating the HGTV hit, Island Hunters!  ... See the Rest

Steve Moore in Drop Dead Gorgeous (A Tragicomedy): The Power of HIV Positive Thinking

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In this 7 1/2 minute distillation of the WOW documentary Drop Dead Gorgeous (A Tragicomedy): The Power of Positive Thinking, comic Steve Moore talks about his world view, his life, and the disease that became a major part of his life. It's a wonderful tribute to someone who made us laugh and touched our ... Watch Now

RIP Comedian and Writer Steve Moore

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We're just learning that comedian and longtime friend of WOW Steve Moore passed away May 24th, two weeks shy of his 60th birthday. Writes Fenton Bailey: "In the early '90s, Steve took the brave step of turning his HIV condition into a blisteringly and brutally funny comedy routine. When he threatened to open a vein and take out the whole front row, ... See the Rest

Big Freedia Season 1 Marathon This Wednesday on Fuse

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In preparation of the Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce Season 2 premiere June 11, Fuse is running a season 1 marathon on Wednesday June 4 (8p-12a), Tuesday June 10 (1:30p-3p), and Sunday June 6 (5:30p-7:30p) Relive all your favorite season 1 moments, or if you didn't watch it the first time around, now is the best time to get acquainted with the ... See the Rest