Your Moment of Zen: Bug Workout

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A bug spins a packing peanut 'round and 'round while lying on its back. Mesmerizing and just a little bit sad. Does he not realize he's upside down? Does he think he's walking somewhere? Or is he just whiling away the hours, bulking up, growing strong, so he might one day rise above his petty little bug problems in his petty little bug world? Is ... See the Rest

1D After Dark: Harry Styles Works Out


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Hilary Duff Workin’ It


Hilary Duff has been working hard to lose the baby weight and it shows. She IG'd a photo of herself mastering a Pilates move and, trust me, that shit ain't easy. Pilates looks like the simplest thing in the world, but until your ass gets on a reformer you have NO idea. Good on ya, Hil! ... See the Rest

1D After Dark: Let’s All Marvel at Harry’s Bicep


Looks like our boy is becoming a man! ... See the Rest

Just Because

Working out in denim cut offs is always fun. ... See the Rest