Behind the scenes: Fantasia For Real

VH1 has announced the premiere of the eight-episode, 30-minute docuseries Fantasia For Real, beginning January 11, 2010, at 10PM. Co-executive producer Jeremy Simmons took this fantastic Fantasia pic as she was singing in the music studio in New York. Love her! ... See the Rest

Word of Wonder

Every year, you'll remember, a panel of editors at the New Oxford American Dictionary chooses a Word of the Year, a word that's been coined and used frequently over the last 12 months, has political and/or pop-cultural significance, may actually be fun to use, and will wind up in ... See the Rest

Talking Trash

A 'mucilage' is a big loogie hacked up from the depths of the oceans. A giant yuk for mankind. via Nat Geo ... See the Rest

Words of Wonder

A few new words in play these days, as found in Cramer-Krasselt's Cultural Dictionary. (via LAT; t/y Ed) • Precycling (v.): Purchasing products based on how recyclable they are. • Disemvowel (v.): To remove the vowels from a piece of text as a form of censure in order to ... See the Rest

Talking trash

Did you know that professional garbage men call maggots Disco Rice? And that the stuff we throw out that's perfectly good they call Mongo? Oh, and top right?  That's what's known in the business as a Coney Island White Fish.  (Sorry to say we all just missed Waste Expo in ... See the Rest


... See the Rest

When Words Collide

Stephen's post about the impending collision of our galaxy with another - Milkomeda - made me think of three new words I came across lately. Stragedy: When strategy ends in tragedy. Especially when the very strategy devised to avoid the car wreck leads straight to it. Latest ... See the Rest