Willow Smith Has a New Music Video: “Why Don’t You Cry”

"This teenage girl wants to be an artist," Willow Smith explained to i-D Magazine about what's going on in her new music video. "They rip up the invitation to her performance that night, telling her she is never going to succeed in an artistic career and that ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup: Willow Smith’s New Mono-Brow, Gaga Gives Gothic Beach Glamour, and Katy Perry Looks… Different

Really good stuff in today's celebrity roundup: Willow Smith has a nutty new look, Lady Gaga give Gothic glamooooooooour on the beach in Santa Monica, '90s teen sensation Matthew Lawrence ('member him?) is shirtless while walking his dog, and look! Something is different about ... See the Rest

Nutty Wunderkind Willow Smith Has a Triptastic New Video: “Wit a Indigo”

She's growing on me, I admit it. Willow Smith is just 14 years old, but she's pushing boundaries in fun way that I like. Her latest music video "Wit a Indigo" is a trippy acid ... See the Rest

Oprah IS Glinda the Good Witch in the New Harper’s Bazaar (Also: Katy Perry is Liz Taylor and Mariah Carey is Marie Antoinette. Except Not Really)

Photos from Harper’s Bazaar‘s 2015 Icons, a 17-page portfolio, unveiled today, that will appear in all 32 editions of the magazine’s September issue. The ... See the Rest

Willow Smith Reposts Her “Venus De Milo” After Instagram Censor

Willow Smith, fast becoming the most tricky of the Smith family, posted a pic of her in a Vfiles vintage ... See the Rest

Jada Pinkett Smith Gets Buzzed

Jada Pinkett Smith followed in the footsteps of her edgy daughter Willow and shaved her hair in a new 'do. She landed at LAX and the paps went nuts for the pics of her new hair. She is ... See the Rest

The Smith Family’s Reaction to Miley Cyrus Twerking

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I like the shoes. I'm just going to concentrate on the shoes. I'm not going to be hateful. She's 11 years old. I'm going to ignore the hair and ignore the face and concentrate on how much I would like ... See the Rest