Marilyn Monroe Sells Snickers From Beyond the Grave in a New Commercial

Poor Marilyn is probably SPINNING in her grave right about now. A new one of those "You Aren't You When You're Hungry" commercials has debuted with Willem Defoe standing on a subway grate in a white dress, bitching about the wind coming up his ... See the Rest

Spring NYC: The West Village People

Well, the whole country has had a pretty rough winter and to say New York City has been anticipating warmer weather would be a major understatement. I was upstate yesterday enjoying an equally ... See the Rest

Casting News: The Yves Saint Laurent Biopic

French model-actor Gaspard Ulliel will bring his leonine grace to the role of Yves, while craggy thesp Willem Dafoe is set to play Andy Warhol in the new biopic ... See the Rest

In Praise of Mustachioed Men

Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillon where seen sporting whopping examples of yesterhair for the film Whiskey Bay, shooting scenes last night in New Orleans. Love both of these actors, and it's nice to see Matt back on a movie set. The film, as far as we can figure, is a crime drama set ... See the Rest

Prada Menswear Campaign with Gary Oldman, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell, and Willem Dafoe

(via Pursuitist) ... See the Rest

Classic Willem Dafoe

NSFW From Wild at Heart (1990) ... See the Rest