Willow Smith Reposts Her “Venus De Milo” After Instagram Censor


Willow Smith, fast becoming the most tricky of the Smith family, posted a pic of her in a Vfiles vintage Jean Paul Gaultier titty top that apparently got everybody gaggin' on Instagram. The Venus de Milo look features just the breasts of the Greek statue, but that was more than enough to have the internet rant about how she's 14, ... See the Rest

RIP: Director Scott Kalvert

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Best known for directing The Basketball Diaries, Scott Kalvert died this Wednesday. He was found in his home in Woodland Hills and the The L.A. Coroner's Office is investigating the death as a possible suicide. In addition to his work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg in Basketball Diaries, Kalvert was known for directing iconic music videos ... See the Rest

The Smith Family’s Reaction to Miley Cyrus Twerking


                                                    (via buzzfeed) ... See the Rest

Marry, F*ck, Kill

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Kris Humphries makes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, John Mayer gets on his tour bus in Toronto, and Will Smith makes his way through LAX. Now, on the surface you'd think this would be an easy MFK, but looks are deceiving. You're probably saying to yourself: marry Will (for the billions), fuck John (for the girthy penis, your body is a ... See the Rest

Will Smith Clip Reel: Noise in the Hood

Video thumbnail for youtube video Will Smith Clip Reel: Noise in the Hood - World of Wonder

Seems Will Smith often makes more noises in his films than dialogue. But as is the case with that tree falling in a forest, we don't hear the noises because we're never in a theater for a Will Smith movie. ... See the Rest

Summer Songs Six Pack

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... See the Rest

Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

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... See the Rest

In Case You Missed It: The Will Smith Slap Discussed


As you might have heard or even seen, the arrogant, egotistical, unbearable loudmouth Will Smith slapped a Ukrainian reporter who tried to kiss him on the mouth on the red carpet at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3 a few days ago. Of course, like everything else that happens in the world today, there's video footage, which you can watch here ... See the Rest