Wilfred Renewed for Fourth and Final Season

The pitch-black comedy about the friendship between a stoner dog and his neurotic next-door neighbor has never really gotten the love it deserves. ... See the Rest


Let’s Dance

Gifs from the glorious dancing montage on last week's Wilfred. Best show on TV right now. ... See the Rest


Wood and Wilfred: Dog Day Afternoon

Elijah Wood and Jason Gann, in Santa Monica and Venice, California, shooting scenes for the FX comedy series Wilfred. ... See the Rest

Screen shot 2012-04-04 at 9.53.37 AM


Elijah (Gives Me) Wood and co-star Jason Gann on the set of the F/X comedy Ted Wilfred, which we thought was cancelled, so this is good news, indeed. ... See the Rest

Elijah Wood

What Elijah Wood Learned from Wilfred

But in public, Elijah? Bad dog! ... See the Rest


Bloody Gorgeous Layout of Elijah Wood in LAB Magazine

The Wilfred star is wearing a Libertine coat. Photographed by the wonderfully named Autumn de Wilde. (via LAB Magazine) ... See the Rest