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Monkey Wigs!

Not wigs for monkeys, silly, but wigs THAT LOOK LIKE MONKEYS! Made by the Danish artist Nikoline Live Andersen, you simply have to see them to believe ... See the Rest

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Nicki Minaj Shows Her Real Hair

Nicki Minaj wants the trifln' bitches to know that she has her own hair...and it's not permed. Nicki posted this pic on her Instagram with the ... See the Rest


Hot Look of the Day: Vintage Debbie Harry

From Debbie Harry's 1983 calendar, circa The Hunter. So fab. (via Solavaya) ... See the Rest


Lady Gaga on Feeling Beautiful

... See the Rest


The Naomi Campbell GIF Shop

... See the Rest

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Supermodel River Viiperi (RealRiverViiperi) goes Kelly Osbourne lilac; Japanese Vogue's Anna Dello Russo (anna_dello_russo) looks like a hairy ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Transformation Tuesday: John Stapleton's Creepy Living Doll Makeover - World of Wonder

Transformation Tuesday: John Stapleton’s Creepy Living Doll Makeover

It's Tuesday! Time for an all-new episode of Transformations! This week, celebrity makeup artist John Stapleton (along with his friend, hairstylist ... Watch Now

Falling Asleep at Work Is a Drag Hazard

Falling asleep on the job has all sorts of hazards, especially to our beauty. Let's just hope she's not a 911 operator. ... See the Rest