Who Am I?


This scrawny little nerd grew up to become a howling success on a popular cable show and the author of a new fitness book (out today). Difficulty level: 4. (Answer ... See the Rest

Celebrity Who Am I?

Who am I?

Who is this upside down personality you can't get enough of and neither can he? We're not sure we've ever seen him with clothes on. Difficulty level: 2. Reveal after the jump. ... See the Rest

Who Is This?


No need to jump. It's Harry Styles, before the hair. ... See the Rest

Who Am I?

Chaz Bono keeps up the hard work as he hits a dance workout class in Los Angeles

I'd recognize that nose anywhere, but I'm good with noses. All you need to know is that this wowlebrity has been on a mission to lose weight, recently taking up kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Here he ... See the Rest

Who Am I?

who am i

Who is his precious little tyke who became a young Hollywood star, struggled through a seemingly endless dark period, and emerged from it an even bigger star. The people love him. Difficulty level: his, 11; yours, 4. Reveal after the jump. ... See the Rest

Who Am I?


Who is this young dancing fool who as far as we know is not a dancer, but as an actor has portrayed both riveting psycho and vivacious homo on film, yet we suspect is neither in real life. Or perhaps, like all of us, has a bit of both in him. Meanwhile, the difficulty level is 7. ... See the Rest

Who Am I?


This young stoner is shaggable, sure, but nowhere near as hot as the fox he is today. He's aged like a fine whiskey, and we're simply mad for him now. Difficulty level 6. Answer ... See the Rest

Who Am I?

who am I dressup

Who is this young blonde who liked to dress up, and now makes a career of dressing up? She's  always red-carpeting in costume at all the swellest events. Difficulty level: 4. Reveal after the jump. ... See the Rest