Happy Times


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Ink For Whitney


Bobbi Kristina tweeted a pic of her and her boyfriend Nick Gordon's (?) Whitney tribute tattoos. The ink was to celebrate Whitney's 49th birthday which was yesterday. Am I missing something? Why would Bobbi's boyfriend get Nippy's initials inked on him? Sidebar: I was so happy to see that Bobbi Kris's arm wasn't that hairy. (via twitter) ... See the Rest

Swag or Gag?


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Next Cover Girls


This is the recent cover of New York's Next magazine featuring all things BIG and GAY in the past year. I spy with my gay little eye: the overruling of DADT, marriage equality in New York, the death of Whitney Houston, our first "gay" president Barack Obama, and SHARON NEEDLES! You bettah work. (t/y Randy) ... See the Rest

Hell to the Nah


Thank you, Cissy! When Rihanna told the world she was hell bent on buying the rights to Whitney Houston's life story so she herself could play her, I think we all raised an eyebrow and pursed a lip or two. Cissy has stepped in to say Rihanna would be playing Whitney over "her dead body." Ms Cissy believes Rihanna embodies everything that went wrong ... See the Rest

The Sex Tapes


While Hollywood is busy deciding who will play Whitney Houston in the movie of her life, apparently Ray J is sitting on a big ol' secret. Ray has a whole lot of sex pics and tapes of the couple, and the Houston family has already told him the best way to honor Whitney and her legacy is to do the right thing and not release any disparaging photos or ... See the Rest

It Should Be Sahara

Sahara 001

httpv://youtu.be/1Duz-TN26M0 In answer to Michelle Visage's question who should play Whitney Houston, TheMadGypsy replied in the comment section "It should be Sahara Davenport."  I couldn't agree more! If you weren't lucky enough to see Sahara bring the motherfuckin house down at the Whitney Houston tribute at XL in New York City, you can feast ... See the Rest

She Wants to Play Whitney


The casket is barely closed and bitches be fighting for the right to play Whitney Houston in a movie about her life. Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and Halle Berry have all allegedly shown interest, but Rihanna is actually taking steps to buying the rights to the story for her own vehicle to transition to serious actress. Thoughts on who you ... See the Rest