Robyn ft. Whitney Houston ft. Baroness Schraeder


Now, more than ever, I'm eagerly awaiting The Sound of Music 2: The Revenge of Baroness Schraeder. Bitch was robbed. Also, this is ... See the Rest

Beyoncé, JHud, Whitney, Cher, Xtina, and Diana Ross Sing the National Anthem

Video thumbnail for youtube video - World of Wonder

Divas, lip syncing, Memorial Day and things of that nature.   ... See the Rest

Whitney Announces National Tour


  Madam Tussaud's honors Whitney with an "I'm Every Woman" tribute that spans her career. (L to R: National Anthem Whitney 1991, Sparkle ... See the Rest

Happy Times


... See the Rest

Ink For Whitney


Bobbi Kristina tweeted a pic of her and her boyfriend Nick Gordon's (?) Whitney tribute tattoos. The ink was to celebrate Whitney's 49th birthday which was yesterday. Am I missing something? ... See the Rest

Swag or Gag?


... See the Rest

Next Cover Girls


This is the recent cover of New York's Next magazine featuring all things BIG and GAY in the past year. I spy with my gay little eye: the ... See the Rest

Hell to the Nah


Thank you, Cissy! When Rihanna told the world she was hell bent on buying the rights to Whitney Houston's life story so she herself could play her, I think we all ... See the Rest