Bobbi Kristina To Be Removed From Life-Support On The Anniversary of Whitney’s Death


It's a tragic ending, worthy of a Lifetime movie. According to TMZ, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's mother Cissy have agreed to take Bobbi Kristina off life support tomorrow, the third anniversary of her mother's death –to the day. In the "alleged" words of Cissy Houston, the decision would: "bond mother and daughter for eternity." The ... See the Rest

#BobbiKristina: Docs Say It’s Time To Let Her Go, As The Families Fight Over Funeral Plans


Bobbi Kristina Brown remains on life support after being found unconscious in a bathtub over a week ago. The family continues to infight telling the press that Nick Brown, who Bobbi Kristina called her husband is in fact not. Bobby Brown and the family reportedly got the news that nothing more can be done for his 21 year-old daughter. Family ... See the Rest

Update: Bobbi Kristina Still In A Coma, Doctor’s See “Minimal Response” In New Brain Test

Bobbi Kristina and husband Nick Gordon

ET is reporting that father Bobby Brown, husband Nick Gordon and others have been advised to prepare for the worst the longer 21-year-old, Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma. The longer she is, the more likely it will be that she will not regain consciousness. Other reports are saying she is brain dead. They are praying for her recovery but ... See the Rest

Whitney’s Isolated Vocals: “How Will I Know…?”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Isolated Vocals: How Will I Know…? - World of Wonder

If there were ever any doubts about the late, great Whitney's enduring talent, this will dispel them. Just soaring vocals – THAT'S how you'll know. Just listen. ... See the Rest

Bobbi Kristina Knows the T


Whitney's only child Bobbi Kristina let the world know the real T on her twitter account and I couldn't agree more... ... See the Rest

Robyn ft. Whitney Houston ft. Baroness Schraeder


Now, more than ever, I'm eagerly awaiting The Sound of Music 2: The Revenge of Baroness Schraeder. Bitch was robbed. Also, this is brilliant. (via New York magazine) ... See the Rest

Beyoncé, JHud, Whitney, Cher, Xtina, and Diana Ross Sing the National Anthem

Video thumbnail for youtube video - World of Wonder

Divas, lip syncing, Memorial Day and things of that nature.   ... See the Rest

Whitney Announces National Tour


  Madam Tussaud's honors Whitney with an "I'm Every Woman" tribute that spans her career. (L to R: National Anthem Whitney 1991, Sparkle Whitney 2012, Queen of the Night Whitney 1992, I Wanna Dance with Somebody Whitney 1987. ... See the Rest