Sneak Peek at RuPaul on Oprah: Where Are They Now?

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RuPaul talks about his 19 year relationship with his (um...perfect) rancher partner George (on the WOW rooftop) in this sneak peek clip of Oprah: Where Are They Now? Make sure you tune in to OWN this Sunday at 10/9c for the full interview! ... See the Rest

Where Are They Now?: Heather Mills

Heather Mills leaves CNN after an appearance on "Larry King Live"

Remember her? Heather Mills is the Brit amputee nudie model who became the second wife of Paul McCartney, soaking him four years later for $50 million in a very ugly and well-documented divorce in 2008. Today she's a member of the British disabled ski team and is one of 750 athletes who arrived yesterday in Queenstown and Wanaka for the Winter ... See the Rest

Adrian Grenier and Edward Furlong: Where Are They Now?

adrian and edward

Well, just recently – yesterday, in fact – former Entourage star Adrian Grenier was spotted walking around the East Village in New York, and former Terminator star Edward Furlong was seen at the Vegas Indie Film Fest screening of Matt's Chance , a dark comedy he's in, at the Orleans Theatre in Las Vegas. (Photos: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

What Jamie Dornan Has Been Doing Since His Character on Once Upon a Time Died


Been there, buddy. (via Sissy Dude) ... See the Rest

Still Brill

And speaking of the '80s, if you ever find yourself wondering what became of Dianne Brill, the It girl who added two new silhouettes to the Manhattan skyline back then, we can tell you that she lives in Germany and has a successful cosmetics company, and we have this very recent photo of the former Queen of the Night with her three kids by husband ... See the Rest

Where Are They Now: TR Knight

The former Grey's Anatomy star was spotted recently walking around Manhattan holding hands with a new fella he looks to be sweet on. Anyone know who he might be? They ate lunch at a downtown spot called Bubby's that features a "midnight brunch." (via jjb.yuku) ... See the Rest

Aww, Shirl!

Why, it's Cindy Williams from TV's Laverne & Shirley, looking just as perky and feisty as ever! Lovely to see you, my dear! Happy holidays! ... See the Rest

Former Clubkid Jennytalia, AKA Jenny Dembrow, resurfaces in LA

Our old bestie, Jenny Dembrow, the former Miss Jennytalia, is now running the Lower East Side Girls Club of NY. She's in town TONIGHT, with Rosario Dawson and a slew of other charitable types, to raise money and awareness for the cause. Yay Jenny! We miss you! For more info go  ... See the Rest