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Debra Messing Misses Everything

And I can't blame her. Debra Messing has recently lost 20 pounds by giving up junk food and getting back to healthy foods and she admits to "missing ... See the Rest

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Debra Messing Is Feeling Fabulous

And she is looking it too! Debra Messing wasn't happy at the weight she was so she worked hard and lost 20 pounds. She is so happy that she has been ... See the Rest

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Jordin Sparks’ Hard Work Is Paying Off

When we first met Jordin Sparks on season 6 of American Idol, she was a bit on the thicker side and obviously gorgeous, but that wasn't good enough ... See the Rest

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The Louis CK Monologue Heard Around the World

Actress Sarah Baker let's her heart come through the scripted words on Louis CK and it hit home with people around the world....LOVING the rawness of ... See the Rest

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Chrissy Teigen Fights Back At Twitter Trolls

Even swimsuit models from the cover of Sports Illustrated have to deal with this bullshit! Model and John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen posted this ... See the Rest

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Jessica Simpson Is Looking Fantastic

Jessica SImpson gave birth to her baby boy Ace in June and look at her now! As soon as Jess gave birth she started back on Weight Watchers as she is a ... See the Rest

**EXCLUSIVE** Jonah Hill looks ready for a workout as he heads to the gym with his girlfriend

Jonah Hill Is Doing It

Despite the excuse that it's the holidays, Jonah Hill geared up and took himself and his lady friend for a workout and he's looking fantastic. Good ... See the Rest


Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped Thinner

Ironically Jennifer Lawrence talks a whole lot about staying true to who she is size-wise in this article, and not giving in to Hollywood telling her ... See the Rest