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Jessica Simpson Is Looking Fantastic

Jessica SImpson gave birth to her baby boy Ace in June and look at her now! As soon as Jess gave birth she started back on Weight Watchers as she is a ... See the Rest

**EXCLUSIVE** Jonah Hill looks ready for a workout as he heads to the gym with his girlfriend

Jonah Hill Is Doing It

Despite the excuse that it's the holidays, Jonah Hill geared up and took himself and his lady friend for a workout and he's looking fantastic. Good ... See the Rest


Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped Thinner

Ironically Jennifer Lawrence talks a whole lot about staying true to who she is size-wise in this article, and not giving in to Hollywood telling her ... See the Rest


The Tongue Patch Diet. Would You?

Talk about taking it to extremes. The Tongue Patch Diet was launched in 2009 by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon named Nikolas Chugay. He sews on a ... See the Rest


Hilary Duff Workin’ It

Hilary Duff has been working hard to lose the baby weight and it shows. She IG'd a photo of herself mastering a Pilates move and, trust me, that shit ... See the Rest


Christina Aguilera Is Looking Hot

Our X-tina has taken her share of public lashings for not losing the weight years after the birth of her son, and she was always vocal about not ... See the Rest


Now Amanda Bynes Says She Has to Be 100 Pounds

A new day, a new Amanda crisis. Yesterday's revelation was the fact that though at 5'8" she weighs 135 pounds, she believes she needs to be 100 ... See the Rest

Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman leave Spago in Beverly Hills after dinner with friends

Drew Does Not Care About It

You go girl. Drew told People Mag that she is in "no rush" to lose the baby weight. She said, "Look, with my luck I will starve myself, work out and ... See the Rest