Bethenny Frankel Worries Her Fans

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Yes SkinnyGirl was her brain child, but fans fear Bethenny Frankel is taking that title a bit too literally. She posted this pic of her reading her cocktail recipe book and the Twittersphere went NUTS. I can see why. In this case, I read the comments and the comedy far outweighed ... See the Rest

EJ Johnson Is Ready To Look Cute

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Magic Johnson's son and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills superstar EJ Johnson decided to go through with the gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight for health. It's the same surgery Rosie O'Donnell had and she has since lost 50 pounds after a heart attack scare. He talked about wanting ... See the Rest

Debra Messing Misses Everything

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And I can't blame her. Debra Messing has recently lost 20 pounds by giving up junk food and getting back to healthy foods and she admits to "missing everything". We all can relate to those diet woes I am sure, so that is why this picture spoke to me so loudly. She posted this pic ... See the Rest

Debra Messing Is Feeling Fabulous

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And she is looking it too! Debra Messing wasn't happy at the weight she was so she worked hard and lost 20 pounds. She is so happy that she has been sharing photos and just shared a semi bikini one so you know she is feeling fierce! You go Grace, we love you mama. ... See the Rest

Jordin Sparks’ Hard Work Is Paying Off

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When we first met Jordin Sparks on season 6 of American Idol, she was a bit on the thicker side and obviously gorgeous, but that wasn't good enough for her. Since leaving Idol Jordin has been working steadily on her health and her body and the proof is in the pudding and the ... See the Rest

The Louis CK Monologue Heard Around the World

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Actress Sarah Baker let's her heart come through the scripted words on Louis CK and it hit home with people around the world....LOVING the rawness of this scene. Bravo. ... See the Rest

Chrissy Teigen Fights Back At Twitter Trolls

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Even swimsuit models from the cover of Sports Illustrated have to deal with this bullshit! Model and John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen posted this shot of her because she is excited about her new show with MTV called Snackdown. She says she is going to be the "Padma of snack ... See the Rest

Jessica Simpson Is Looking Fantastic

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Jessica SImpson gave birth to her baby boy Ace in June and look at her now! As soon as Jess gave birth she started back on Weight Watchers as she is a spokesmodel of course, and she is showing the world just how well counting your points works. She also has a wedding coming up ... See the Rest