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Tom Arnold Is Super Thin

After having his first child last April at the age of 56, Tom Arnold decided that he needs to be here for his son so he got on the health and fitness ... See the Rest

**EXCLUSIVE** Jonah Hill looks ready for a workout as he heads to the gym with his girlfriend

Jonah Hill Is Doing It

Despite the excuse that it's the holidays, Jonah Hill geared up and took himself and his lady friend for a workout and he's looking fantastic. Good ... See the Rest

Jake Gyllenhaal was reportedly sent to the hospital after punching a mirror and injuring his hand on the set of his new movie 'Nightcrawler'

Jake Gyllenhaal Aged Himself 20 Years

Our sweet Jake Gyllenhaal looks downright fug like this. I know, they take it there for their roles ie: Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey and Christian ... See the Rest


Christina Aguilera Is Looking Even More Fabulous

I am so proud of her! I am totally using Christina Aguilera as motivation to myself back into shape! Considering my kids are 11 and 13, I guess I ... See the Rest

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Chaz Bono: Then and Now

Diet, exercise, and whatever else he's up to is really working for Mr Bono. At left, Bono in 2009; at right, the wowlebrity has the same fashion sense ... See the Rest


Before and After Pics: Who You Gonna Believe, Me or Your Eyes?

Personal trainer Andrew Dixon decided to see if he could make convincing before and after pictures – on the SAME DAY. No Photoshop. Here's his ... See the Rest

**EXCLUSIVE** Kirstie Alley, who has publicly struggled with weight gain and loss over the years, noshes out at a neighborhood restaurant in Los Angeles

Kirstie Alley Settles Lawsuit

Quietly. Very quietly, Kirstie Alley settled a lawsuit for $130k claiming that her weight loss company, Organic Liaisons, was misleading. Apparently ... See the Rest


Christina Aguilera Is Looking Hot

Our X-tina has taken her share of public lashings for not losing the weight years after the birth of her son, and she was always vocal about not ... See the Rest