#PotLuck: Marijuana Is Now Legal in Jamaica (& Alaska!)

Yes, carrying small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in Jamaica under a new law, passed just yesterday. Apparently after MUCH debate, ... See the Rest

Hoppy Weedster!: Yes, It’s 4/20

Yes, it's high times for some bunnies. Hoppy Weedster! See the Rest

Two-in-One Sensation!: Nugtella, the Marijuana-Munchie Mashup

Smoke a joint, get the munchies. It's inevitable. It's classic. But do you really want to – or even can you? – get up and fix something to eat? No. Nugtella to the rescue, then. It's the gooey chocolate-hazelnut deliciousness of Nutella with 320 milligrams of THC from hash ... See the Rest

Spoiler Alert! Miley Gets High on the Regular

Our sweet Miley was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said, “We're more alike than you think. We're very similar." To which Kimmel said, “That's ... See the Rest

Vincent Kartheiser: Reefer Madness

Vincent Kartheiser's Pete Campbell on last night's "A Tale of Two Cities" episode of Mad Men, some of which took place in the trippy hippie hills of Los Angeles, ca 1968. (Gifs t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

Apple Bottom Bong

Fiona Apple was arrested Wednesday night at the Sierra ... See the Rest

Sparking Up On Stage

When in Rome Amsterdam.... Lady Gaga is causing another bit of controversy, this time for what she did and not what she wore. Gagaloo was just in Amsterdam and ... See the Rest

Recent Snoop Dogg Twitpics

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