You Think Your Job Is Bad: Watch Chinese Window Washers Swing in Terrifyingly High Winds

No no no no. Window washers on the 91st floor of Shanghai’s World Financial Center are flung around like rag dolls as strong winds blow them into the building. Watch in horror as their platform swings back and forth, up and down, banging into the windows, as the poor workers ... See the Rest

No No No No: Terrifying Free-Fall Ride at Danish Amusement Park

"Nothing but a net!" as you plunge more than a hundred feet from the Sky Tower at the Tivoli Friheden amusement park in Denmark. That's right, they just throw you into a net. Down you go. Holy fuck. Of course, at a similar free-fall ride in Wisconsin, the net wasn't fully in ... See the Rest

Ways In Which I Will Not Be Dying #147: Tightrope Walking Between Hot Air Balloons

No, no, no, no, no. Never. Terrifying video of tightrope walkers attempting to walk between two hot-air ballons 1,000 MILES IN THE AIR. Lots of vertigo-inducing shots from helmet cams. Lots of of gasp-inducing moments as they teeter, totter, and *SPOILER ALERT* fall. Yes, fall. ... See the Rest

Ways I Will Not Be Dying #276

... See the Rest

What I Will Not Be Doing This Weekend, Thank You Very Much

... See the Rest

Ways I Will Not Be Dying #47: In a Dangling Hot Tub Mishap

For more pictures of this breathtakingly idiotic stunt off the Pont du Gueuroz, go here. ... See the Rest


Workers fix the antenna on the Empire State Building. Click to enlarge and really feel the vertigo. (via See the Rest