Digg That Legend: John & Taye Leave A Message

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On Watch What Happens Live!, Andy Cohen challenges John Legend and Taye Diggs to compete by leaving their sexiest outgoing message. I think it's pretty clear which one was the winner. ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Nicole Richie Talks Friendship with Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie Paris Hilton Watch What Happens Live

Last night on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen, Nicole Richie opened up about her current friendship status with Simple Life bestie, Paris Hilton! Click over to see if they're BBFs or not! ... See the Rest

Cohen To Diaz: “Have You Ever Swam In The Lady Pond?”

Actress Cameron Diaz, wearing a leopard top and white jeans with sandals, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton film 'The Other Woman' in Central Park in New York City

Watch What Happens Live's host Andy Cohen recently asked Cameron Diaz, just that – if she had "ever swam in the lady pond." Diaz deflected and Cohen finally asked bluntly, “Have you ever been with a lady?” "Yes, I have been with a lady. You didn't ask explicitly how I was with a lady, but I have been with a lady." Cohen's question was sparked by an ... See the Rest

Million Dollar Listing New York Boys on Watch What Happens Live! Tonight!

MDLNY Watch What Happens Live

Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, Luis D. Ortiz join Andy Cohen tonight on Watch What Happens Live! At 11PM on Bravo!  ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Real Housewives Tag Line


RuPaul was on What Happens Live! last night where he debuted his Real Housewives (Of Tuckahoe) tagline! Find out what it is after the jump! ... See the Rest

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on The People’s Couch


This week Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles was featured on The People's Couch! It's totally hilarious! Tune in to Bravo tonight at 9 to watch the season finale. Last week's episode ended in a confrontation between Flagg & Altman with the slap heard round the world! See the aftermath tonight! Also, Josh Altman is all set to propose to ... See the Rest

Mama Cohen Talks about Andy Cohen Coming Out

Video thumbnail for youtube video Mama Cohen Talks about Andy Cohen Coming Out - World of Wonder

Andy Cohen's Mom filmed a video for the Watch What Happens Live! youtube channel talking about what it was like when Andy came out. She says she was shocked at first and "didn't know what to do" because at the time, all she knew about the gay community was the bad stuff. But she educated herself by volunteering at an AIDS organization. Watch this ... See the Rest

Shark on Shark Action Last Night on Watch What Happens Live!

Last night the LA "sharks" from MDLLA were back in an all-new season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles which is perfect since it's Shark Week! After the season premiere, the boys were on Watch What Happens Live! and played the game "Million Dollar Shark Attack!" In this game they had to guess the listing price of celebrities homes. Whoever got ... See the Rest