Flashback 1979: Nico Performs “Genghis Khan” on French Television

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The relentlessly gloomy former Warhol starlet performed her medieval lamentation “Genghis Khan” on French television in June of 1978. I honor of her death 26 years ago today, let's listen to her moan along to her beloved harmonium below. ... See the Rest

Forgotten New York: Leee Black Childers on the Lower East Side Bar Belonging to Jackie Curtis’ Grandmother

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Underground photographer Leee Black Childers (1945-2014) describes Warhol Superstar Jackie Curtis' grandmother "Slugger Ann," who ran a working class bar of the same name on New York City's Lower East Side (in the days when it was a slum). Fascinating bit of forgotten New York ... Watch Now

Holly Woodlawn on Ring My Bell

Video thumbnail for youtube video Holly Woodlawn on Ring My Bell - World of Wonder

Ring Ring Ring! This week we have Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn on the line taking your calls! A living legend! New episodes of Ring My Bell every Thursday on WOWPresents. ... See the Rest

Quick Reminder! Holly Woodlawn on Tomorrow’s Ring My Bell


So exciting! Warhol superstar and drag icon Holly Woodlawn, star of cult classics Trash and Women in Revolt, will ACTUALLY BE in the World of Wonder studios tomorrow for a Ring My Bell! Think of the history! Think of the people she's worked with! Ask her about ANDY! Ask her about ... See the Rest

Flashback 1973: Candy Darling Interviews Lauren Hutton for Interview Magazine


Lauren Hutton Interviewed by Candy Darling on a Hot, Hot Sultry Afternoon CANDY DARLING: It's a hot afternoon. LAUREN HUTTON: Sultry. DARLING: It's a sultry summer afternoon. HUTTON: In 1973 New York. DARLING: My name is Candy Darling and I'm interviewing the ... See the Rest

Book ‘Em: Wowlebrity Portraits in The World According to Wonder


Gorgeous, gorgeous Holly Woodlawn. Living legend. Drag icon. SURVIVOR. Such an important person in the history of gay culture. What she did in the '70s – along with Divine, Jayne County, and Tim Curry in Rocky Horror – was provide a bridge between old school female impersonation ... See the Rest

Nico covers Whitney?

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The creepy-but-compelling Warhol Superstar died the year after Whitney Houston released "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," so it's entirely possible that she recorded this hair-raising version. I don't know if it's real or not, but you need to watch it. Alone. In the dark. After ... See the Rest