Enver Gjokaj Appreciation Post

Ugh. They did it again. On last night's Walking Dead, we were introduced to probably THE HANDSOMEST MAN LEFT ON EARTH, Pete, played with ... See the Rest


The Takeaway from Last Night’s Walking Dead: A Sick Glenn Is a Sexy Glenn

Sure, the whole Rick and Carl father/son bonding moment as they slaughtered the THOUSAND OR SO zombies that surged through the fence was pretty ... See the Rest


Steven Yeun Breaks It Down for You

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Walking Dead: Kyle Gallner, We Hardly Knew Ye

I JUST started watching Walking Dead last night. I was always a fan of TALKING Dead, see, but it just wasn't making sense so I finally gave in and ... See the Rest

Walking Dead Cutie Steve Yeun Plays “Hug, Marry, Kill” with Paul F Thompkins

Omg, is he the cutest boy in the world? I think so. And after watching this, you'll have to agree. ... See the Rest


Problem Solved

Norman Reedus at Ohio Comic Con last week. ... See the Rest

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Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

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Jon walks the dog

It’s a Look

The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal out walking his dog, shirtless, sweat pants pulled up around his armpits, Fred Mertz-style, and sporting a pair of ... See the Rest