Insane Headline OTD: Gareth Williams, British Spy, Likely Died In Bag By Accident


British police announced today that a spy whose naked, decomposing body was found inside a padlocked gym bag in the bathtub of his apartment "likely died in an accident with no one else ... See the Rest

Classical with a Twist: “Für Elise” Played Backwards then Played Back in Reverse. Huh?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Classical with a Twist: "Für Elise" Played Backwards then Played Back in Reverse. Huh? - World of Wonder

Fascinating. From the DW: "Classical guitarist Jakob XP Brunnbauer brings an interesting twist to Beethoven's classical masterpiece 'Für Elise' by performing the arrangement backwards and then editing the footage in ... See the Rest

They Make a Compelling Argument


... See the Rest

Wait, What?


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“The Ride” by Rodolphe Guenoden


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That Doesn’t Seem Right


... See the Rest

Celebrities Adjusting Themselves in Public

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 5.38.26 PM

Zefron, Hugh Jackman, Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Biebs, the beater, Fergie, and Dustin Hoffman. What. What? Fergie? Yep. Never did figure that one out, did we? (via See the Rest