10 Things You Can Do with Your Wowl

Wowl – What is a Wowl? Why it is a World of Wonder Owl, a vintage kitschy accessory from the 1960s made originally to cover giant hairspray bottles for giant bouffantastic hairdos – fun! LOL. Here are 10 things you can do with your WOWL, although the possibilities are endless. ... See the Rest

#Vintage2016: Remember When the Future Seemed Exciting?

Yes, the future really WAS something that, collectively, the world used to envision and fantasize about. Take a look at these images! In the movies, in fashion, in pop culture, in science and all over the press we once imagined what the future would be like; all freaky and new ... See the Rest

These Vintage Christmas Pics of the John Water’s Gang – Divine, Jean Hill & Edie the Egg Lady Will MAKE Your HoliGays!

John Waters’ muse Divine, Edith Massey (Edie Egg Lady) and Desperate Living‘s Jean Hill — have surfaced to ... See the Rest

#ShopSmall: Laquita Matthews’ “Tunnel of Love” Vintage Clothing Is Perfection for Holiday Parties

It doesn't getting smaller than a one-woman operation. I've know film and TV costumer and stylist Laquita Matthews for YEARS. (I used to live down the street from her in a small ... See the Rest

#TBTFashion: The Gayest Men’s Looks, Space-Age Hairdos, a Dali Runway & Predictions From 1939

Hard to imagine today, but before TV and the internet, besides ... See the Rest

20 of the Most Awkward/Awesome Band Photos Ever

Oh, words, you fail me. What can I say about these pics, which are worth 10,000 words and were OBVIOUSLY shot in all "We are TOTALLY awesome" seriousness. Well, that part is true – one group shot is ... See the Rest

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day: 25 of the Strangest Dos EVER!

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#Flashback: Hollywood’s 50 Hottest Hunks, Shirtless

Let's look back at some of Hollywood's beefiest beefcakes relaxing on the set or acting their hairy (or hairless) chests off. There are fifty pics here in this post, so you can breeze through them in a minute or two, unless you get stopped at Jake ... See the Rest