#LostNYCToo: Mighty Manhattan, New York’s Wonder City In 1949


This is a relatively long video, but if you've got 15 minutes, it's like time-traveling and totally worth it. You see long-vanished landmarks it's a romantic look at an almost quaint city, compared to what exists today. Watch. ... See the Rest

VHS Gold: Stay Young and Healthy By Making Faces, Breathing and Handstands!

Video thumbnail for youtube video VHS Gold: Try The Lion, Oxycising and Big Band Dancing! - World of Wonder

Now that the binge eating has (supposedly) stopped, here comes the get-in-shape for the New Year deluge. So, I dare you to watch all three of these – your life will never be the same. Trust me. You're welcome. ... See the Rest

The Moment I Knew I Was Gay

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I remember this like it was yesterday: Bert Parks singing "Let 'Em In" at the 1976 Miss America Pageant. Probably the campiest thing ever be broadcast on American television, swear to God. I remember sitting in front of the TV with my mouth agape. It was the moment I realized that Paul Lynde was not just an anomaly, and that a whole culture of ... See the Rest

Vintage Turban Tutorial

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Pathé Pictorial in conjunction with fashion expert Anne Edwards teaches WWII-era women to make turbans from scarves, as hats were being rationed. It starts off very basic but gets more and more complex as it goes along. "You can stab the knot with a couple of feathers or twist one of the scarves into a sort of beehive and tip it over at a tricky ... See the Rest

sad and creepy vintage Christmas videos

Video thumbnail for youtube video sad and creepy vintage Christmas videos - World of Wonder

These relentlessly bleak 1951 stop-motion videos for "Suzy Snowflake" and "Hardrock, Coco, and Joe" are apparently beloved classics for people of a certain age who grew up in the Chicago or Pittsburgh areas, but they have me reaching for the razor blades. Definitely worth watching, if only to see how grim Christmas used to be for your grandparents ... See the Rest

the viral video of 1907

Video thumbnail for youtube video the viral video of 1907 - World of Wonder

"Le Cochon Danseur" (The Pig Dancer) features a giant pig person dancing a jig with a slatternly dancehall girl who shames him by ripping off his tuxedo and revealing his nakedness. Which was all relatively normal and par for the course in 1907, don't you know. It isn't until the 2:07 mark that things start getting nightmarish. I guess this ... See the Rest


Video thumbnail for youtube video FOD FAIL @ LAX - World of Wonder

I've mentioned this classic Navy training video before, but I guess not everyone was paying attention. Someone who didn't hear Easy-E's 1985 anti-FOD rap left a metal luggage container too close to a departing 747 at LAX and it got sucked right into the engine! Luckily there was no explosion and no one was hurt, but it could have been much, much ... See the Rest

The Safety Officer is Going To Have His Ass

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Safety Officer is Going To Have His Ass - World of Wonder

Tom Geddes' post of the horror corporate safety video reminded me of a very non-PC Navy training video that my father told me he'd seen. In a titillating example of a FOD (Foreign Object Detection) failure, a woman standing on the flightline with loose-fitting clothing is suddenly stripped naked by the powerful suction of a nearby jet intake. ... See the Rest