Vintage Hot Looks of the Day


Vintage Parisian goths circa 1910s. So chic! (via Rocaille) ... See the Rest

Art News 1: Danny Fitzgerald & Les Demi Dieux: Brooklyn Boys

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Throughout the 60s, from his home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, Danny Fitzgerald (1921-2000) operated a studio under the name Les Demi Dieux with his partner and chief model Richard Bennett. (with cowboy hat) Danny considered them all demigods but in the flesh, these Brooklyn boys were members of street gangs. They play cards, smoke cigarettes, and ... See the Rest

New York Lives: Howard Mendelbaum’s Photofest

Video thumbnail for vimeo video New York Lives: Howard Mendelbaum's Photofest - World of Wonder

A sweet and sort of sad mini-documentary about Howard Mandelbaum, the photo collector, author, and co-founder of Photofest, an entertainment photo archive specializing in film, television, and theater stills, which houses over two million rare hard copy images. It's a dying profession, of course. Imagine: Hard copies in 2013? But the reason the ... See the Rest

Vintage Hollywood Halloween Publicity Shots

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Every year I try to post spooky vintage publicity stills of Hollywood stars from the golden era. And every year finding new stars and new pics gets harder and harder. I've never heard of half of these ladies. Etchika Chourea? Dusty Anderson? Still, I'd rather see retro-D-listers like Martha Vickers and Gale Robbins dressed as slutty witches than ... See the Rest

Vintage Hot Look of the Day


A potato chip bra at the National Potato Chip Convention of 1948. (via BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest

In Celebration of Man-Jewels


I so need a Pinterest board. ... See the Rest

Ship Happens

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(via Hair Hall of Fame) ... See the Rest

It Was 70 Years Ago Today


19 iconic photos of Pearl Harbor at BuzzFeed. ... See the Rest