Action Pants: Now With New Extra-Large Snack Sack!?


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Vintage Ad of the Day: “Because Ruth Buzzi Expects No Less”

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Must-Have Vintage Hair Dryer OTD


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Oh, What a Night: Judy Garland and the Supremes!


Tickets $1! Or if you feel like treating yourself to a RAINBOW CIRCLE seat, be prepared to shell out a whopping $7.50! ... See the Rest

A Most Delightful Beverage

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Miscellaneous Post


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Panties by the Box!


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About That Mad Men Ad


When Roger was tripping balls last week, he found himself staring at a hair coloring ad. Not only was the ad for real (which of course you've come of expect), but it turns out the model was Ted Knight! Now THAT'S trippy! (via Sissy Dude) ... See the Rest