#2015Horror: Mom Reads Out Son’s Grindr Messages

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Yes, this is one of THE worst modern nightmares a gay son could have, but this time it's intentional. Irish vlogger Riyadh K had the bright idea to let his mother read out his Grindr messages that he had accumulated. Riyadh says: “The messages were built up and remained unseen for three weeks until they were unleashed on her. Prepare for filth, ... See the Rest

#RPDR: Watch Guest Judge Olivia Newton John’s 80s Classic “Let’s Get Physical”


As if we need an EXCUSE to watch this video again, but since Olivia Newton John was a guest judge (along with Jordin Sparks) last night on RuPaul's Drag Race, here's the perfect reason? Come on, let's get into physical, let me hear your body talk! (As Bette Midler said when this video was new; "Let me hear your body talk...? My body says, 'F*ck ... See the Rest

#GayAds: Lesbian Hallmark Ad Is As Sweet As It Gets


Just in time for Valentine's Day! Hallmark introduces a same-sex couple as part of its new "Put Your Heart To Paper" campaign. The new series puts the spotlight on a several real-life couples, including Eugenia and Corinna, who have been together for two years. Corinna says: "She's inspiring to me, and she brings optimism to my life." ... See the Rest

#Watch Now: First Look At Madonna’s “Living For Love”


Here it is, featuring the #unapologeticbitch herself in classic Madonna matador mode – sexy and powerful. Directed by the French duo JACK, "Living For Love" is the first single from Rebel Heart, and if you want to see the video now you better be quick... supposedly it'll be deleted in 24 hours on Snapchat where it debuted, but this version might ... See the Rest

#WalkAndTalk: Was Seth Meyers’ Aaron Sorkin Sketch Better Than Real Sorkin?

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Are you a West Wing or Newsroom fan, like me? If so, this parody hits all the marks. Late Night with Seth Meyers went next level last week with its Sorkin-esque tribute to Aaron Sorkin parody videos. “Seth, if our Sorkin sketch lets us make fun of every Sorkin signature, including the impassioned speech by a low-level staff member that gradually ... See the Rest

You’re Kidding?: “Convos With My 4 Year-Old” Goes to Bed


"Convos With My 2-Year-Old" is back again, now appropriately renamed "Convos With My 4-Year-Old." If you're just catching up, Dad and series creator Matthew Clarke reenact real conversations he has had with his daughter, Coco, but she is played by a grown man –the perfectly deadpan David Milchard. They've tackled everything from butts to baths and ... See the Rest

Pastor James David Manning: “Starbucks is Ground Zero For Ebola.” Why? Gay People.

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The Christian right is obsessed with gay people. In his latest video, Pastor James David "Nutjob" Manning warns that Starbucks is "ground zero" for the transmission of Ebola. Why, you ask? Manning says; "Because of the clientele. Generally upscale sodomites who sit there with their computers, it's a meeting place, they exchange a lot of body ... See the Rest

Cuteness Alert: Big-Eyed Slow Loris Eating A Rice Ball


Slow Loris sounds like a Dr. Seuss character, doesn't it? –looks like one too. According to Wikipedia, a Slow Loris is found in Southeast Asia. Their arms and legs are nearly equal in length, and their trunk is long which allows them to twist and extend to nearby branches. They move slowly and deliberately (hence the name. Duh.) making little or no ... See the Rest